Here’s a fun frustrating one! This why people just give up i bet. I just downloaded an paid for SOFLY A GUIDE TO FLIGHT SIMULATOR: EXTENDED EDITION. Every went great, except i have no idea where to find it??? How do we not make this more intuitive. Cannot figure out where this is or how to view it, but Marketplace took my money no problem!

Have you looked at the in-game toolbar? It may be on there. I can’t say 100% as I don’t own it, but it appears to be a digital document.

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Hey thank you so much, its there!

Kinda weird that the only way to view this is when I’m in the game, but this is a big win! Thanks again Hester! I’m hoping this will be a helpful guide!

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There “may” be a PDF in your “official” folder for it. That edition does state there is one. Be worth a shot of looking for it in there.

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I see you moved this, thank you. Will continue to post things in proper forums :slight_smile:

How do I find my community folder please? I have tried to locate before, thank you!

I edited my post above. It would be in the “official/onestore” folder since it was bought from the marketplace. It would be hard to find since that folder also contains default MSFS contents. But you could sort that by date.

You can go into Dev Mode and click “Virtual File System”



where do i find my “official/onestore” folder?

Can be found in the same “Packages” folder.

Thank you all, i have the PDF. Key here for me was running as DEV mode under General Options, I just could not find the file path otherwise. You guys are great, thanks again for the help!

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