Cant fly in a straight line

I found that all aircraft cannot flu in a straight line.
It will turn to left very slightly
I did reset the controller profile and configured the dead zone wont help

This is the video i recorded to point out my issue

Wind, prop torque.
Planes don’t fly in straight lines they are corralled forward :wink:

Try turning on your Auto Pilot HDG mode, an aircraft left to its own devices and the whims of the Wind will never fly in a straight line, go outside and toss a paper airplane. Thankfully in the modern day we have computer systems to help with this.


Smaller trainer aircraft such as the 172 do not have aileron or rudder trim in real life. There are small bendable tabs that are set to try and make the aircraft fly straight, but they are rarely set just right. Even if they were, fuel is only for small moments balanced before one tank has less that the other, passengers can be added or removed, dirt on one side of the aircraft could have more drag, cargo could be unbalanced… All of that, plus many more scenarios means that small trainers rarely fly in a straight line in real life. I always used my rudder to keep the aircraft flying straight to give my hands a break. This means that this behavior is actually realistic to the real world. If you reduce some of the realism settings, I believe that this can be fixed for you.


Well said :slight_smile:

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Thanks for ur explanation.
I was wondering my left stick was broken :sweat_smile:

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