Can't fly under bridges

Also learned this the hard way after going over Niagra Falls inverted to loop out down the river and tuck under the first bridge by a healthy margin and die into an invisible wall. Jumped pretty good as it was unexpected.

What did Niagra Falls look like to you? Looked terrible for me and I’m typically running at High or sometimes Ultra.

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I’m at ultra all maxed, it didn’t look great, but that being said it looks far better than anything else out there. Wizzing over the falls inverted at 150 knots I could tell it wasn’t great, but my focus was getting under that bridge… FAIL.


As far as immersion goes FS 2020 takes the cake hands down. Setup a multi hour IFR flight from here to there and fly that route, nothing else feels this good.

I’ve noticed that as what I think is going on is the data coming from satellite terrain radar and imagery is getting projected onto vertical surfaces so stuff like the upper canyon walls in the Colorado National Monument tends to get murdered because the image for the top of the area is getting projected across the wall - which in the case of the Colorado National Monument is obscuring the pink/red sandstone and making the entire area look more verdant than it really isn’t. I suspect something similar is happening with the bridges as the data is getting interpreted to be something akin to a dam when it should be interpreted to be a bridge that lets us fly under it.

As far as fixing the texture issue goes, that’s something that really needs another thread to do it justice.

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Thats exactly the same for Millau Viaduct ( 44.077103, 3.024271 ).
All areas not benefiting from photogrammetry (scanning process by images from different points of view) are automatically generated by the AI. Because of this, the bridges for example are plated vertically on the relief and the rendering is thus often very ugly. On the other hand the bridges under which we passed, benefit well from photogrammetry. And in this case it is a problem of code. In my humble opinion, the code interprets the fact of having a geometry above his plane as a crash situation or at least, an unreal situation in flight condition …

And the Hoover Dam shows up as a bridge, unfortunately I didn’t try and fly underneath.

Isn’t doing normally unsafe and completely insane things in planes part of the fun of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

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This happened to me on the Golden Gate Bridge too.
Bit buggy to start :grimacing:

Of course, that’s the reason I bought it :rofl: :rofl:

It depends on location about Google or Bing. For me, Google is 5 years older than Bing. Google at my location has no street view. Bing has street view and was updated a year ago.

I heard that the map was based on Bing, but also on OpenStreetMap . What is it really about?

MSFS is based on Bing. You read my post out of context. Read who I replied too. :wink:

The AI responsible for creating bridges hasn’t been taught that people are crazy and want to fly under bridges


The AI pilot is crazy too. :upside_down_face:

I considered the context, I just heard two versions from reliable sources and wanted to know what it was really about, and it looks like Bing is actually getting his “Maps” data from OSM

“-Why did you do it?
-Because it was possible!!”

:grin: :grin:


in FSX you mean , huh :smiley:

For the moment :pensive:, let’s hope a major update will fix that :crossed_fingers:

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Can confirm that e.g. the Brooklyn Bridge in New York is also invisibly „walled“ (at least you can see under the bridge).

C‘mon, Asobo, such basic flight maneuvers like flying an inverted 747 under the Golden Gate Bridge must have been on the test plan, no? :rofl: