Can't fly under bridges


  1. Attempt to fly under the Golden Gate bridge.

Aircraft crashes into invisible wall.

At least you can see through hand placed bridges but all other generated bridges seem to have a solid black wall that only AI cars can pass through. Example would be the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Looks pretty ugly.


Hi @DarkClown. Please report this to Zendesk and be sure to identify the exact bridge(s) you had this problem with. Thanks.

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Yep me too also had a bridge near my place show up as a dam ??


That’s because they use bing maps which means that it is all photographed from above. They can’t just look under the bridge to see what’s going on obviously. I do think they will be trying to fix this though.

I filed a bug. With the auto gen bridges I can see this to be the case but I would think the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridge that look hand placed would allow for flying under. So far I have been able to fly under the St. Louis Arch and Eiffel Tower but couldn’t get through the Arc de Triomphe. Failed to fly under the tallest bridge in the US (the Royal Gorge bridge). I did successfully land on the top of a small two story parking garage. the Zlin Shock Ultra is almost a helicopter.

A side note I flew around Paris at night and it looks like all of the hand placed models are NOT using lighting. The Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, etc. all very dark


go check how google maps modeled bridges in their 3d maps so it obviously posible but bing maps are so outdated


I reported this as well. Noticed it when flying into Boeing field from the north. Overpasses had that effect just to the east of the field.

Yep, same with the train bridge at Ballard Locks in Seattle.

Same with the George Washington Bridge in NYC.

Same here with Bay bridge and golden gate bridge in the bay area, and most hand modeled bridges in NYC…

And about all the other bridges that just look like dams… disappointing after so much hype.

Hey guys,

I’ve gone under some bridges by a good margin and it actually crashes me most of the time. The only time I actually physically went under the Brooklyn Bridge, my engine and propeller stopped dead, without slowing down, (probably a bug) and I crashed into the Hudson. But I did go under it. I captured it on video.

I tried in San Fransisco, I crashed.

Hope it will fixed



Yep, tried the golden gate in a 787, had it approaching perfectly at 50ft and splat. Same with Eiffel Tower and extra 300. Hope they fix this - first thing a lot of simmers try


Haha I hadn’t thought about the Eiffel Tower. It’s a bug that I think will be fixed. At first I thought it was alpha masks or transparent textures, but no, my plane went well under the Brooklyn Bridge and covered a good hundred meters so the bridges in question are well modeled in 3D. I think it’s a problem with the interpretation of the simulator. Can we bring up the problem or the simple fact of speaking about it on this forum is enough ???.

Thank you.

nice one :smiley:

I think this is related, but here’s a video of me attempting to do that with the Brooklyn Bridge as I was doing some flight testing before creating a challenge


Yeah man :rofl: I had exactly the same problem as you, my engine stopped abruptly and the propeller suddenly jammed. I was the other way around… For all this to be useful for something, can we send back the information for a possible correction? And if so, where?

I think the code for flying beneath bridges is buggy…

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You “think” it’s bugged? :laughing:

Its worse because apparently the BlackShark (more appropriate B.S.) software that identified the bridge, also identified kind of correctly the height of the columns & underpass and made it “transparent”, just wasn’t programmed to make it flyable. I guess they want us to pay to do the testing and quality control. Makes sense, since I wasn’t invited for any of the test phases.


Like I said in the video about the fly under… “nailed it!”

I also tried under the Millau Viaduct, the highest viaduct in the world, but the AI massacred it :rofl: :rofl: