Have you flown under any bridges lately?

I’ve tried Tower bridge in London and the one by the Hoover dam and crashed both times - in the Icon! Message said I’d failed to lower my gear!

Edit: I meant Tower bridge not London bridge

For custom bridges, turn off crash detection or fly in dev mode.

Marketplace Jabiru and the Orbyx Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Flew under the Humber bridge from flightsim.to. It worked ok for me, but I seem to remember some discussion about others crashing.

I suppose flying under bridges is discouraged. Ever seen the level of security at Hoover Dam in person? Tried twice myself cause it is just so inviting. Crashed both times :blush:

Not to be “that guy”, but I assume you mean Tower Bridge. London Bridge is a regular road down the Thames River from Tower Bridge, and good luck flying under that!
I hope everybody interested in flying under bridges has voted for these two topics:

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