Have others got this with bridges

Some of my bridges are solid underneath this is New York, they have been like this a long time, is it a setting or a bug I cant think its a bug it has been there for some time now.

That’s just how Photogrammetry bridges work for now. It’s a limitation of the technology.

This is a limitation of how the postprocessing of the photogrammetry is done; Google Earth for instance doesn’t often have this problem, but it’s common with the data sources Bing uses.

It’s been reported many times and you’ll find several existing threads discussing it including bug vote threads; use the forum’s search feature to find the biggest one and register your vote there.

For all intents and purposes if you want to fly under bridges you’ll have to turn off PG but you can leave Bing Data on. And even then only bridges covering waterways seem to be flyable under (??? Bad grammer ???) Except for the occasional one that looks like you can fly under it but surprise the inviswall is there. On the Ohio river about 98% are able to be passed under, but around Cincinnati, there are one or two that looks like you can fly under them but you hit the invisible wall! lol

Just a theory, but discussed in my thread in the Multiplayer / Find A Friend section…

From what I’ve found, any bridge that appears as a POI on the map (hand-drawn in game) is solid underneath, regardless of how good the approach looks. But I have found others that exist in real life which are not POI’s in the game (thus assuming they are drawn by AI) which may not look as snazzy but are “hollow” underneath so that if one is careful enough joining the “Bridge Club” is indeed possible.

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OP, for all NY bridges I recommend this guy’s mods. Fantastic work. Just checked them out yesterday and flying over NY is that much better now.
He has not made all yet. But it seems he is planning to.

Hi there,
Two things you may want to look at that are relevant to this:

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Thanks guys for the reply’s.

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If you set crash assistance off (“damage on”) you always go black screen.

With damage off it sometimes euuh works

It was my first topic here. Flying under de London Bridge :grin: nice pic but it didn’t work
Even with damage on it is (or was ??) impossible to fly and proceed under London Bridge.

There are variations… there are bridges that feel like brick walls underneath, London bridge has some kind of gelly (your plane stops mid air)

but some bridges have a kind of curtain underneath… just a minor shock and you’ll get through

Someone posted a great stunt video involving a “flyable” bridge in Japan… Aikashi Kaikyo

Yes it is from me (the same one who posted about the rocks in SABA!), but to do that you must have crash damage disabled!
You can fly under most bridges if you set:

but it is far from realistic, because in real life, we CAN fly under bridges and under structures. I mean, the real law of physics, not the regulations set by authorities! If they had had our current regulations at the beginning of the 20th century, then it would have been banned to invent aircraft!

And with a good pilot, you can fly safely under bridges: what is the point if life is bland and boring?


Discover the Humber Bridge (suspension bridge)…

Thanks for the video, but why the music ? one mans meat another mans well you know what I mean.

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I was listening to the music as I was flying…

Pont de Normandie:

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