Can't get back to main menu after closing devmode

When I close devmode it seems like I can’t get back to the main menu in MSFS anymore. I’m using the default setting to open it, ESC that is. I can open it prior to starting devmode as well as when devmode is active. If I close devmode the binding suddenly stop working.

I’ve tested changing the key binding but that didn’t help.

The only way for me to close MSFS now is to kill the process in task manager which is a bit annoying but it will also make the next start up slower as I always will get the safe mode question.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I’ve been having this as well.

Soon as I exit dev mode neither ESC or any of the camera keys seem to do anything and I’ve to Alt+F4 out of the sim.

Yeah, the camera keys act like that for me as well.

I’m having the exact same problem. Bummer.

Try “project → close” before leaving dev mode (save scenery and build project of course). It works for me.

Hello everyone, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.
This feedback was already logged into our database.

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FGLPO is correct. I had the same issue… but if you close the project first, Esc will still work to get you back to the main menu. No need to exit out of dev mode first.

Probably a silly question, but exactly how do you close the project?

project close
In the Project Editor window, select Project → Close. The Ctrl-W shortcut don’t work for me.

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Thank you very much sir!

So, I’ll try Ctrl w but I’m still having this issue too.