Can't Get Landing & Taxi Guides to Work

Hi all. I find that landing and taxi guides only work for me after starting a new free flight. When I’ve landed and want to take off again, the don’t appear. I’ve done everything I think you’re supposed to do in preparing for takeoff, including enabling Landing & Taxi Guides in Flight Assistant. The Air Traffic Control ask me to approach runway [A] using taxi lane [B], but the taxi guides don’t appear. I want to do it right and not just take off from any runway. I want to learn the procedure properly. So why aren’t the guides appearing? What am I doing wrong?

I’m running v1.18.14.0 with a standard controller.

I find that multiple legs in MSFS is currently not working the way it’s expected to yet. It seems to be designed for single flight session every time. So if you want to take off again after you land, perhaps you can exit to main menu, start a new flight with the same aircraft/livery from the same gate that you previously parked at, then once you’re in you can do the departure preparation again. It would also help you clear the sim with any issues especially for logging purposes when you start a new flight session for every flight.

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Thanks. So you think it’s a bug?

Hard to say… A bug signifies something that is designed to and promised to work, but for some reason something caused it to not work.

But if the sim was never designed to handle multiple legs in a single session or taking multiple flight logs in a single session in the first place. it wouldn’t be a bug though, but it becomes a feature request if you want the sim to behave that way.

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Landing and taxi guides aren’t working at all now. It won’t tell me why. ATC approve taxiing but won’t offer guidance, even though it’s enabled. What should I do? I can’t taxi manually as even if it did tell me what taxi lane and parking spot to use I have no means of finding them anyway. Is this possible a map data error re the specific airport?

I just started a new flight in the opposite direction - EGAC Belfast City to EGAA Belfast International (wrongly named Aldergrove in MSFS). The taxi guides worked in EGAA, so I suspect this is an error in the airport data for EGAC. Any thoughts? Can I report this sort of thing and, if so, how?


The way to report bugs and sort is to submit those via zendesk.

Here is the link.

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Thanks @Boobbuster007 and @Neo4316 .

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As long as you are getting ATC instructions both for landing and taxi to takeoff it should be working. Not all airports can give you landing guides but all controlled airports should be able to show taxi guides.

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Yeah, that’s why I think it’s maybe an issue with airport data.