Cant get past loading screen after installing latest Nvidia Driver

After updating to the latest nVidia driver i cant get past the loading screen.

I am using the Windows 10 store version

I have removed the community folder and the issue still persists.

My graphics card is a GTX 1650

Honestly said,what’s your problem to revert back? The newest aren’t always better.
I am hooked on 457.30 that’s the best for me.(RTX3080)


Tried rolling back and wont get past checking fro compatability on any older driver.

That’s really strange!
I have no clue.


Hi i have the same issue cant get past the loading screen i was using the sim a week ago fine came back from holiday yesterday and it wouldnt load past the loading screen in the picture above , yesterday i did have an older driver on , i updated it today to the newest one to see if that was the issue , no change , yesterday when i cam back there was a windows update to go on my computer i was wondering if that could be the issue.

Hi i was having the same trouble as you i tried a few things , i have uninstalled the XBOX app since doing that FS2020 seems to have been loading ok

Rolled back to 457.30, still hanging on the loading screen

Richard, uninstall Xbox app. where do I find that to delete it?

Renamed that nemesis of the flightsim the Community folder and it loaded.
So guess it is reload a few items at a time back into the sim and see if one addon is creating the problem.

My RTX 3080 card is working great here, with driver 472.12-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql.exe

Once installed it reports in device manager as version, dated September 13, 2021.


go to settings , then Apps , wait for all the installed apps to load scroll down till you find the Xbox app and uninstall it , its worked for me FS2020 has loaded up fine everytime since

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