Can't install update from content manager

i just realized that in FS2020 V1.9.5 i have an update for main content - required packages available with the note Restart game to update. The size is 80.8 GB. Unfortunately I can’t select the installation package by checking the box in the content manager nor does it install the update after restarting FS2020.

I assume that I am not the only one with this PRoblem, but I would be very grateful for direct help to fix this Problem.

I have installed a few Airpüorts from the Marketplace, can it be related?

I am looking forward to hearing from you and thank you very much.

I’m fairly certian this is a known bug, but could you drop a screenshot here so I can confirm.

here a screenshot, I also have the problem. I hope this will be fixed before the beta phase - or is this not an early access?

That’s a known issue. - That update will only be released when you download a client update through Steam or the Windows Store.

just uploaded a screenshot above . All other entries under content manager are selectable and are correctly installed and updated.

i’m not sure what that means. you are forced to make a client update via the store before the update is loaded - always!

Yes, and the client update (through Steam/Windows Store) will not be available until the patch is ready for release. This is an issue that pops up every time we are nearing a new update.

I suggest you file a BR on Zendesk, as the more tickets that come in on this issue the better.

So they gonna drop already another patch these days? Because the news are not written down yet as it was expected today :frowning:

The date for the next patch is yet to be announced. They may say something about it in today’s update, but without having had a chance to see it, I can only speculate.

Upcoming patches will be announced on the Forums, and their patch notes will be released when the download goes live.

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thank you very much and if its a known bug then its fine for the moment which not means that it is acceptable. If this issue has no effect on the stability of FS2020 then I can live with this bug for the moment. Just have checked the windows store and there is no update available yet. they will release patch 5 today?

will forward this issues to zendesk.

many thanks for your kind support.

Highly unlikely, but we may get more information about it today.

Same here. V1.9.5.0. Today i downloadet KSWF-Stewart International Airport and here i can read “newer game version required”. In dependencies i see minimum version is 1.11.6. I have Nice. Whats the next step ? When will this 80GB update do its job ?