Can't land at EGPE

So I bought EGPE (Inverness) from the marketplace today, and every time I get in the vicinity of it, my Xbox crashes to the dashboard. Anyone else having this issue?

Do you have the UK2000 library installed? It’s mandatory for all UK2000 airports.

Yes I have that installed as well as the airport. Very strange.

Have you tried clearing your rolling cache?
I’ve got UK2000 EGPF and have had no issues on Xbox X. Great scenery.

Incidentally I am seeing a few more XBox CTDs after SU6.

I’ll give the cache a go. I have a Series S myself. And yes you’re right about the CTD’s. I’ve seen more since SU6 than with any of the other updates.

It is also advised to restart your console after each update and/or installing new stuff from the marketplace.

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Also worthy of note from SU5 to SU6 is that another add on airport EIDW that I had, showed a huge drop off in frame rate close in to airport usually coming in to land. With SU6 this has now gone and runs smoothly now. Not sure what they did. It’s the only reason I’m buying a few UK airports now. Was avoiding them before. Don’t have Inverness yet.

Interesting… I had zero CTDs after SU6 and the whole flying experience is way smoother than before, tho I can’t say why exactly. No more stuttering whatsoever…

I still don’t get it that there are so many varied user experiences with the XBox when we all should have the same, right?

If you want stutters try the London discovery flight. I did install the seasons add on but it’s meant to be light, other than that London should have been smooth. Other cities were better eg NYC. London almost unflyable though in that discovery flight. Only other change I made recently down in that area was adding in Gatwick add on but that should be far enough away not to cause frame rate issues in the city. After loading and exiting 5 discovery flights last night I had a CTD trying to load a sixth (Tokyo).
Probably had 8 CTDs since last week’s update. Usually during loading/exiting things. Sim runs OK once flight loaded though.

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Well, London has been unflyable for me since day 1 :pensive: Don’t know why this city has such a massive impact on FPS. Are you on X or S? (Hopefully the OP doesn’t mind our OT conversation :sunglasses: )


Yeah sorry to divert from the main topic on EGPE, but just looking at wider stability issues after SU6. I am on the series X.


There are quite a few… lights flickering, no more pulse lights on aircraft, alarms can’t be cancelled etc. Maybe all of those bugs and issues affect third pary airports as well?

In previous sim versions I had almost all of UK2000 airports and they were all awesome and worked perfectly. So I guess it’s still a problem with the core sim not being stable (black screen bug, CTDs, memory leaks and so on).

With every update some things got fixed but other things got broken… wonder about Asobos QA. Did they run SU6 on Xbox before release? And if so, nobody noticed the pulse lights not working or the (audio) alarms not cancellable? Sigh…

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Don’t know, but you’d think they do test. However there are really just too many permutations and combinations to check, which spirals more with every 3rd party add on. So it can only be done by community, at beta stage. But beta report backs seem to not be heeded for a release.
Eg. The default a320 now has bugs including the v/s display in the AP, and waypoint constraints now all say ‘260’ instead of the altitude they should have (they were fine before SU6). PC version of SU6 is fine in this regard. XBox beta tester reported this new bug back, but it got released anyway.
You are right though every update seems to fix some things at the expense of others. I have no idea if in my case EIDW frame rates will be fine after next sim update or not for example. Yet more new content getting added in to mix. Part looking forward to it, but at same time part dreading it…


@ PluckyUnderdog

Please let us know your findings regarding EGPE, whether it works after clearing the cache/restarting the console or not. I would love to buy the UK2000 airports but I’m hesitant out of fear for CTDs.

My fear exactly, see above. I would sooo love to add stuff from the marketplace but I don’t want to destabilize the sim further by adding new add ons which in turn had to be updated by the respective authors after every official update/fix made by Asobo.

I guess we still have to be patient until the core sim is really stable.


That worked, I had my rolling cache off for some reason. Had it set to 25GB previously. Reset it, restarted my Series S, spawned in about 10 mins from the airport. Landed fine, no CTD. Cheers for the input, guys.


That’s great news. Yes everyone should really delete and recreate after every sim/world update or bit of new scenery added in, otherwise conflicts from older cached versions could arise.

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Glad it works now!

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