Can't Load A Flight Plan Without Returning To The Main Menu?

What is this new devilry? You literally have to go back to the main menu after every flight if you want to load a new flight plan? C’mon Asobo, even XPLANE has this feature. Which is TOTALLY awesome considering Live weather doesn’t load after you leave your first flight. Which means to load a new flight plan after I’m done my first flight, I have to restart the sim, then load the flight plan then load the flight. I’m pretty sure that’s the textbook definition of annoying.


even FSX could do this from day one …

but u can type a flightplan into the board computer to carry on, that works …


Assuming that the onboard works…which it doesn’t seem to in most aircraft especially with DME approaches.

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That’s the problem, right? Unless you’re flying anything other than the touch screen garmins, you have to manually use the dials, which are MASSIVELY annoying with the giant text overlay, or you need to go into the instrument view and use the dials that way. Where is the coroute load page? I mean c’mon, it’s 2020 and we’re still using this tired old dial system? implement a pop window that allows us to manipulate speed/heading/altitude bugs like Pilot2ATC has. But, without actually fixing these autopilot systems, what’s the point?

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I think i’ll create a feature request thread, this is one of my top ones as well. Along with turning off those annoying text overlays.

I’d like to see what people want added/changed.

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There’s a thread for this over at #self-service:wishlist.

Here’s the thread: Access to flight planner without leaving current flight

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Even if you enter a flight plan on the G3000. there is no way to file it IFR with ATC.

With the glass cockpits, yes there there is. As soon as you change an IVR plan, you’ll get a ATC option to update your flight plan to destination. I forget the exact verbiage but should work if you’re on the correct FIR frequency for your area.

Thanks for that jumbo but having finished the flight and taxied to parking in the TBM90, I then changed the plan for a return journey. The ATC ‘return to clearance’ was not functioning and I was stuck on ground services.

I tuned Com1 to clearance frequency and when that wasn’t accepted to the clearance frequency. Still the ATC window would not recognise it and I certainly had no message from ATC.

I’ll give it another go and if I have any success I’ll let you know. At least I know that someone else has managed to do it.


I’ve done it on a tbm and a a320, though the 320 is far easier to program. I find trying to use the dials to move around on the 3000 flight planning screen hard as hell.

Both planes seem to have the most stable and complete autopilot in general, though I have had the 320 fight me on altitude assignments when my manual input contradicts the flight plan a couple of times.

Thanks jumbo.

Just tried this and all ok. Many thanks.

This right here is what’s annoying. The dials.