Access to flight planner without leaving current flight

It would be great if you didn’t have to exit out to the main menu between flights to use the flight planner. If I want to fly from Airport A to Airport B, then on to Airport C, it spoils the immersion to have to go back to the main menu, plan the new flight and then have the sim reload with the aircraft in a different position and start it up from cold and dark again. This was possible in FSX, and I would frequently do a three-leg route in an airliner this way.


first of all, i’d like a dedicated tool to create or modify a flight plan from within an existing flight without having quit and restart a new flight

i know that some aircraft have the ability to create a flight plan, but i think a dedicated tool that works independently of the aircraft would be more accessible.

second, while not realistic, i liked the GPS unit that was present in all aircraft in FSX. it made plotting directions to navaids and airports very accessible and i’d like an easy and unified tool for navigation return.

third, please bring back a detailed map that i can access in flight. with all the radio frequency data (navaid, ATC, ILS), airspace data, and runway data. the vfr map just doesnt cut it.


Probably the most frustrating omission on MSFS is the ability to change airports in flight without having to go all the way back to the main menu. This has been a basic functionality that the Flight Simulator franchise has had for decades, and it makes no sense that it’s now removed. I can’t say that I’m the only one that misses this and found it odd that MSFS doesn’t have this functionality, it just seems so counterintuitive to me to remove basic functionality that the previous simulator had out of the box.

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You can


That’s great and all, but users shouldn’t have to go into developer mode to do that. They ought to make that core functionality outside of developer mode.

I agree, both could be added on update, but for now it does the trick, you can even teleport by longitude\ latitude from Bing\Wikipedia coordinate etc.

I hope they did a pre-release to keep the downloading data lesser, and they already planned a huge patch to cover everything that’s missing.
Can’t work with the weather, some areas arent even realistic, still need skyvector for true navigation data and much much more.

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someone posted this, worth a read … Navigraph moving map support

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+1 Several times now, I’ve selected a gate only to find that it doesn’t ‘fit’ right. I looked for half an hour for some way to quickly change my position but of course had to back out of the flight.

agreed, would like to be able to change the flight plan on the fly if you wanted to land at a different airport etc etc, than the one you may have originally wanted to fly to. Also as mentioned add perhaps a couple of other stops along the way if you suddenly felt like it.


And also reposition using the mouse to any location manually. Change speed, altitude, heading,etc
Also select a ils approach of any airport


So currently this can be done in developer mode only, but it would be great if we could quickly and easily switch planes and locations to any airport or any locations the world while in flight and without having to go back to the main menus. It just takes so ■■■■ long to go back to the main menus and then have to wait for all the loading screens again.


I see the developer as an extension of the menu. Doesn’t look nice but it does the job. I wonder why they buried that functionality in a developer menu anyway. I hope they don’t plan to take it away.

But you can do that in garmin, to enter new flight plan into garmin. Atc recognize it. It is cool feature.


Good idea, also it would allow us to see where we are on the world map when on a long trip with the 747/787 :slight_smile:

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I like to fly VFR from airport to airport.
When I land at an airport and park, I would like to be able to stay where I am and just create the next flight plan.
As it is now, we have to end the flight and go to the main menu and start from scratch.


yessss I 100% agree!!

Also agree.

Throw a suhggestion on ZenDesk!

Count me in. Used to do this in FSX. Great fun!