Access to flight planner without leaving current flight

You can’t do it with the G1000, not properly anyway, yes you can input an airport and fly direct, but you can’t select any proceedures for the airport unless you load a plan through the start system. It’s not very realistic at all, and half the waypoints don’t show up either, although the sim does recognize them, there is no graphic on the G1000 which makes flying RNAV approaches pretty much impossible if you have to program in each waypoint, especially with the dials, I mean, who didn’t think of having an option to type them in?

Amen. Couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing quite like DOH! that goes off in my mind when I realize I just started a 4 minute load with the wrong plane.

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as loading from main menu and back is very time consuming and I like to simulate turn-aound or multi-leg flights I’d appreciate the possibility of flightplanning while in the cockpit.

I realize what you are asking, and you are correct… no planning without going to the World Map.

You can load flight plans (you’ve already created) while in the sim… hit ESC, the SPACE (Load/Save) and load a flight plan.

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Yes, I know.
This would require a very thoughtful planning to do the job. One of the very few things in the sim I wish wouldnt be as realistic as is :wink:

therefore I put onboard flightplanning on the wishlist …


And I gave you your first vote :wink:

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Make a request to Zendesk
This forum is not the place to get things done.

Well, i know this.

But this is the wishlist that got a “voting” option implemented now so Devs know what is a more popular wish within community.

So best practise is to do both from now on, I guess


Direct requests to ZenDesk has in my opinion more effect then postings on this forum.

And while I agree, doing BOTH does no harm


Get VFR Explorer from rksoftware.

This is an absolute must!!!

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I miss the ability to be flying VFR and then when I approach my destination being able from the “ATC menu” to start IFR from where I am to start being directed by ATC to the runway

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System can be like this:

  1. Open/Save Flight in any situation inside flight time. We need it for continue flight after break/crash. Manual set of weather (Online/user defined) and time is required.
  2. FPL as same option, Load/Save at any time during flight, also if I have no FPL inside Garmin system save blank FPL for sure. This option can be simple via similar ESC and Load/Save FPL option any time available or inside Garmin manu Load Flight Plan or Save Flight Plan. If we’ll have this options we can fly without problems.

Simply system is with Flights and Plans also important f.ex. in Vatsim. Simply we know FPL details on cockpit (DEP what I need set in garmin due ATC permission and similar settings) not in init screen, therefore that option for Load/Save FPL need to be available any time, same as Flight. Again pls also with that Time and weather.

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Completely agree with OP, this needs fixed/changed more than anything. To think ‘press any key to start’ has people more up in arms with almost 200 votes, is silly.

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I literally came on here looking for this. I done a small flight and was thinking how good would it be if you could then do another flight plan from your current location. I’m sure it will be as easy as having a drop down menu or even an access that then keeps your current location and settings.

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but hope you understand how set arrivals and any type of approaches inside MSFS Garmins. I can fly without problems GPS, ILS and RNAV approaches with also IAF selection. How you’ve come to conclusion that RNAV approaches can’t be selected? Sry forget say, I can fly them from first day of MSFS…

I tried adding the next airport using the flight plan on the gaming and while it did direct me to the airport, half the navigation didn’t work. But that I mean there was no distance measurement, it only gave me a heating to the airport and that was it.

in-flight flight planner, starting a flight from A to B, landing there, parking up, and then again without going to the main menu filing a new flight plan from B to C with ATC.


You already have that function, and its called Garmin 3000, but not every aircraft is equipped with it.
It is fully capable to create a new flightplan, if you know the required ICAO codes.
How it works, there is another posts in the forum, just do a search for “Garmin 3000”

And if you didn’t know, you can also set up intermediate stops along your oute from A to B in the main menu, just click on a airport and select “add…”