Access to flight planner without leaving current flight

thanks for the reply, I know about the G1000, tried that, didn’t work, I sat at KJFK and wanted to put KIAD in, I dialed in K and then I didn’t figure out how to change the cursor position to the second letter and gave up. And as for the waypoints adding, the system with that is -censored-ed up too, try for yourself, make a flight from KJFK to KIAD, and then add the POIs on the route, and see for yourself if they are added in perfect order with gentle turns, or not :slight_smile:

Being able to use the main menu world map in-game would be a massive QoL improvement. You can use the garmins but they are finicky to use. Doing a direct course is easy but the world map lets you see the various different approaches before you commit.

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True, but even fixing the waypoint system in the flight setup would be a huge plus on its own :slight_smile:

Please allow to create a new flight plan without going back to main menu (and change aircraft)


decades ago FSX could do this, so no need to invent the wheel again …


You can do this using your aircraft nav unit. It’s a touch cumbersome, but it’s possible.

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When i try to delete my current flight plan using center console navigation computers in the A320, B747-8 and B787-10 it wont delete the flight plan. The original flight plan stays there. I can add legs to the current flight plan but it wont let me delete the original departure and arrival locations. This would be a helpful feature to keep the realism of the simulation going without needing to go to the main menu to switch flight plans. If anyone knows how to use the onboard navigation database or other onboard computers to modify the departure and arrival locations of the flight plan, that information would be tremendously helpful.

Have you tried just changing the Departure point? Whenever I do that in the G3000 suite, it just toasts the whole plan.

I have to bring this up again, as I am sure that this does not require any coding magic but just a little attention by Asobo.

Being able to generate or at least load a flightplan (.pln files) from cockpit would enhance immersion so much for Airliners.
For now we can only load .FLT files from inside cockpit. But this is resetting the whole situatuion and is reloading everything and reposition the aircraft.
Being able to load the .PLN file would be already quite an improvement as the Aircraft remains at the gate in its currentt state just like weather, AI Traffic, etc.

This would finally make it possible to simulate turn around or multi-leg flights like a real airline does.


I understand what your asking but you can do this using the PFD if your using autopilot. You can just do it exactly like a real pilot would and it will even update visual waypoints for you too.

Well, in an A320, 787 or 747 the cockpit crew does no longer type in the route but download it from their airlines server.
And when they type it in, they type in the first and last Waypoint of an airway. In the Sim you have to type in every single waypoint along the airway. A very time consuming task when you plan a 10hr intercontinental flight :wink:

So giving a .PLN load function instgead of .FLT alone is a workaround closer to reality and not to hard to code i guess.

But you are right: its not 100% realistic as well.
Asking for CO-Route import via ATSU might be a bit too much to expect from a default airliner, i guess :wink:

I agree with all! This would be a great addition the MSFS 2020. It’s very unrealistic to quit every time you need to create a new IFR flight plan. Hope MS will fix this or a third party company will create an add-on. I don’t mind paying for it.


Agreed, this needs to be added. The ability to access the world map for flight planning purposes without having to leave the current flight and back to the main menu.


For me, this is a must!

Would be great to change the gate or location at an airport without going back to the main menu and reload the flight in total. I know that there should be a function in the dev mode (which I wouldn’t like to use).

It ruins the immersion, especially when (I have the time) I do multiple legs. Like parts of a world trip, as shared by (google: Cessna 172 World Tour flight plan.) So much more realistic AND fun to sit on an airport, look uotside while organizing the next flight.

Anyone know if there’s a way to access the flight planner to plan a new flight from where I just landed in game with the A320? I would like to start one fresh without exiting to the main menu.

You could set it up on the flight computer and just take off again.

You can’t access the flight planner from within the sim.

You can always use a free 3rd party flight planner like SimBrief or use the flight planner in Little NavMap, then enter your flight plan manually into the FMS. That’s your only option.


This is a feature I miss from older MSFS. I would like to have the option of changing aircraft at an airport and also flight plans, with or without FMC. I also would like to change weather conditions without having to start a new flight. The flight planning function in FS2020 is much weaker than in past versions.