Improved ATC

If a choose to cancel landing intentions, I am not able to request new landing clearance. There are no ATC commands available to send.

How about nearest airport, if that available as an option you can pick that then ask for a new full stop landing.

Hey @jsorheim. I moved your post from the #self-service:wishlist category here to the #self-service:atc-traffic-navaids category where questions about ATC functionality are discussed. @anon69344611 suggested a good workaround. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I did find nearest airport option in the list of available commands, and requested full stop landing. However, I did not get an option to select ILS landing, so I used “cancel landing intentions”, to try once again. After this, no options were available. I could not try “nearest airport” once again, and I could not request any form for landing.

ILS landings are only available if the airport has ILS and if you have loaded an IFR flight plan as far as I can tell. Are you sure your approach airport was equipped with ILS? I think you can use for example the G1000 to create an ILS approach via the procedures (PROC) button and landing even in VFR though. ATC just wont be aware of it.

Yes, the runway has ILS, just tried to use the ILS landing with ATC without having to exit to main menu and create a new flight plan.

I guess it is currently only possible to use ATC with ILS when the route has been planned with ILS in the flight planner before entering the airport, and not possible to use when flying from A to B and back to A, as described here (unless using workarounds): Access to flight planner without leaving current flight

I only fly the 172 G1000 but you cant load a flight plan into that and then file that to the games ATC, you have to use the map view.

Normally if ATC assigns say a manual approach when you are nearing the end of your IFR flight, you can ask ATC for an alternative approach. So say ATC says VOR DME Runway 22L via an initial approach fix ADE1 (just to make up an IAF Way point name) and you know 22L has ILS, you can definitely request ILS approach via that initial approach fix instead.

So next time, dont cancel the landing but just ask for a different approach from the ATC options.

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ok, thank you!

Why is ATC telling me “you were not clear to land. Clear the runway.” ? ATC Communications is ON in Assistance Options.

I use ILS with any airpot that has one, I secure a Vfr landing clerance first, then I make my approach using Navigraph Charts, or you can use Plan G, etc. You get landing clearance when near the beginning of your glide path. You can practice ILS all day like this , good for checking the autopilot of your chosen acft, make sure to switch the nav1 to ILS freq. , come in at less than 90 deg. to the path and slightly below the altitud required by the chart at your point of entry, works everytime for me with different acft models (GA only)

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Either because ATC changed its mind and asked you to go around having previously cleared you, this sometimes happens if an Ai aircraft wants to take off, or because you never had landing clearance from the tower to being with.

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