Navigraph moving map support

Has anyone been able to get Navigraph moving maps working with Simlink?

I downloaded and ran a new version of simlink from Navigraph this morning and the moving maps are working with MSFS.


awesome! Thanks for the reply!

where you found it?

Go to navigraph website and login, then in top right corner press your name and choose Your Account. In there, find Simlink.


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it still doesn’t seem to work for me. I installed simlink from their website but MSFS2020 is not even in the options to select it.
Anything specific we need to do ?


You don’t need to configure it, it doesn’t use a plugin architecture as the other sims do, but relies on Simconnect. If you are running Simlink and start MSFS it should pick up your position, verify this in the Simlink Status screen (right click the Simlink tray icon - Status). If you then use a Charts app with the same account, it will display your ownship position on the moving map.

Ps. You need Simlink v or later.

I only found out about this yesterday, installed Simlink and was working perfectly straight away. Can’t wait for the VFR charts - would be fantastic to go flying with the charts and moving map on my iPad on top of my yoke!

Thanks a lot ! I’ll try again

WOW… it works. That is awesome. Thanks!

Any word on FMS Data Manager and MS FS 2020?

Created some Tutorial Videos for people as I love the product and have used it off and on for years as I came in and out of this hobby. Didn’t want to have to create new videos when you released FMS, so in them I touted one of the biggest features as being FMS and synced data. Wondering how long I’m going to have to answer questions about… not yet :slight_smile: Looking forward to it.

Is a pity that the maps of navigraph dissapear when you touch some button of the aircraft or you push one of the sides of the mouse (you have to reopen Navigraph again). I am thinking on Avitab in Xplane. Is a thing that MSFS has to implement.

Yes, best served with dual monitors or an ipad/android device or phone. You can if simlink is installed use the navigraph app on a tablet which replicates a real flight a little better anyways as you might normally be running foreflight on a tablet.

Hope that helps.