Continuing a flight / next leg with ATC?

Not sure where to post this, and can’t find a similar topic. But, let’s just say I want to fly a bunch of short hops, in the same jet, and plan the first leg, gate to gate. Do I need to exit to menu to load up the next leg, or is there a way to do it right from the flight deck?

I have done it with the default garmins (iirc) but was curious if there’s a method if a plane doesn’t have a garmin (which I assume is interfacing with the MS flight planning and nav db?)


If you want to use the in-sim ATC and do multi leg hops, you would have to exit and re-load the flight via world map so ATC knows what’s going on.

You may also want to take a look at Pilot2ATC as an option to the in-sim. Works allot better with what you’re trying to accomplish. And works much better in all other aspects :).

That’s not entirely true. I just ran a test scenario. Just for funsies, I used navigraph to plan some flights, and input them into the WT modded Longitude (edit: without selecting a route or destination from the world map.)


First I flew from Rivolli, 5S6 (which is actually KHRF now) landed just fine at Missoula (KMSO) with the RNAV Runway 30 approach. ATC guided me just fine, in it’s annoyingly automated janky yet still fun and distractingly great robo-company on an otherwise quiet flight. . .

After landing and parking, called for gas, then deleted the flight plan, and put in another segment from Missoula to Helena. Same deal. Used navigraph charts to plan, input into the garmin, then requested IFR clearance.

Wowsa. Worked just fine. Had robo-ATC with me the whole route, although the ILS Z on the 20 DME arc via NORRA doesn’t load in the sim properly, so I just re-requested the ILS Y with vectors (and flew the arc anyway as “vectors.”) and landed just fine.

So, it is possible to get ATC clearance, takeoff, land, get another, then repeat. . .at least with the pseudo default aircraft. Oddly, it didn’t log my TO’s or Landings.

But I digress. I guess my question is, is this duplicate-able with fancier jets, like the -146, or CRJ, or 737-700, or FBW or Fenix, or Salty, or Heavy 78? I know they are more complex how they handle flight management, and I know about pre-planning in the MSFS world map to “activate ATC” but programming over in the FMC/FMS/MCDU to align those planned routes with ATC, but then the link is broken after landing. Hmmmmm. Maybe allow flight planning from within the sim session? It’s obviously possible.

Anyway, if not, no worries. A skypilotYTS says, I’ll just exit to menu and pretending I’m running into the terminal for a bio-break, replan, and relaunch.

Hi there,
Thanks for searching for the best place to post this! We have a Community Support category where people can ask questions about specific functionality.

I assume your question is about IFR, right? If it’s VFR, ATC doesn’t know where you’re going even if you use the flight planner.

There is, by the way, a Wishlist topic about using the MSFS flight planner without having to exit your flight and come back in: