Can't make purchases from the Marketplace

I was going to make a purchase from the Marketplace but I get an error message from the Xbox OS saying “Something went wrong”. The error code is 0x8007023f. I’ve checked the error code list on Xbox Support, but the code I get is not listed there. I’ve never had this before. Any ideas? I get the same error for everything I try to buy so it’s not related to a specific item.

Have you seen this thread?

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servers are on and off like a yoyo this morning

Thanks for the link! I ended up resetting the xbox, which helped with the issue - I can now buy from the Marketplace again. And as a bonus, I get to download all WU’s etc. again, enjoying the lighting fast speeds of the content manager :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Fantastic. Now go spend money! :wink:

Yes sir :saluting_face: I just had to have the Got Friends Legacy Collection :slight_smile:

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