Cant move

Hi All, just back after a 6 month hiatus. I am unable to move? I have Thrustmaster Throttle, T16000 and Rudder Pedals. I am in the cockpit of the C152, I can start the Aeroplane, I can see all the switches move - Throttle and Parking break. But I cannot move the Aircraft.

So Engine on, Propeller visibly rotating. Parking break and Toe brakes all moving but the aircraft is stuck still?

Any ideas? I am on my second hour of not moving … Help :slight_smile:

Are you sure you released the parking brake?

Hi, thanks for replying, I visibly see it move in and out, so yes. Same with the toe brakes, I can visibly see them moving.

In P3D I had the problem once that my brakes were stuck at ~30%. Calibration issue. What kind of pedals do you use?

Try joining one of those Short scenic flights where your in the air. Then land and try taking off again.

Hi, yes a slight variation on what you suggested seemed to work, I started from the end of the runway instead of in parking. All very strange, I will take more in-depth look at it.

Is your mouse over the ATC window? Or some other window? if yes this is a known issue. You cannot interact with the throttle or rudder if the mouse is hovering over something like the ATC window…

Thanks! This was not the issue but did come in handy as I was doing a circuit and the controls froze :slight_smile:

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