Can't see friends online

Hello all.
i hope this is the right place where to post my issue.
I never see my friends online, while they see me online, and can see me in-world, while i don’t see them.
I tried to search on google and around, but i did not find anything speaking about it.

Is there something i have to do in my microsoft account?
I always start a game with “All players” and meteo “Live settings”, so i should see my friends, but the most weird thing is that when i press ESC and use the top game menu, i always see them offline… grrr… i am playing on PC and bought the game on steam.

yep, it’s a huge issue and almost every time I post about it my info is deleted saying “Flagged by community” which I refuse to believe
Ive been through literally hundreds of attempted workarounds

Same for me - friends can see and even invite me to a party but that does not last for more than a couple of minutes. Best way is to just meet at the same airport with Live Players or All Players selected. Hopefully tomorrows patch will fix this🙂

i just sign out of xbox companion and download a new version for win10 and it’s working at the moment.
Unbelievable the companion app told me nothing of the available update

what do you mean as “download a new version of windows 10”? maybe this could be helpful if explained step by step, and working.

I just have the same issue with a friend. I see him and every other multiplayer, we are on the same servers, but he doesn´t see me… Also group invitation is buggy then (we can both accept, but nothing happens)

yeah i would like them to fix this. My brother can see me on the world map but as soon as he loads the world, he doesnt see me nor i see him, except sometimes we meet up, but it’s totally random. for example tonight it doesnt work, but yesterday we could fly together.

i said “for” not “of”
The xbox app