Can't see multiplayer

Hello, when I turn on multiplayer to live players, I can’t see anyone on the world map. When I load in, I still can’t see anyone. I went to New York and Heathrow which are usually busy and there’s not 1 other player. Very rarely, I see 1 or 2 people, but I don’t believe that’s all there is. I’ve made sure multiplayer is on in the data settings. Is this a current issue or my system? I’ve seen other simmers on YouTube playing multiplayer so I’m sure it’s not a current issue.

Can anyone help? Thanks

Sometimes multiplayer planes doesn’t load up for me too. Often I need to go back to the world map and I have to load in again to solve the problem. Sometimes I also need to restart the Sim and have to repeat this procedure one or two times.

Check out XBOX network on your computer, there you can see your connection to the multiplayer servers.

At the moment, there are also some server problems which could lead to that issue.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I checked the Xbox networking and it said something about the teredo not working? But I pressed fix it and checked again and it said there was nothing wrong. I went back in the sim and I still couldn’t see any multiplayer aircraft. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Hi Asobo,Microsoft !

When will I be able again,to see my friends who are online???
Why are things broken,which worked before,so long???




We are experiencing exactly the same problem: when activating “All players” or “Live players” we never see any player on the world map.
Also tried New York / Heathrow like JointedOrc6852 stated.
Exactly the same behavior with the “Teredo” : first it says “komt niet in aanmerking (Dutch)” i.e. something like “is not eligible” in English, but after fixing everything OK.
However still no other players visible when opening the world map…

Fortunately, all other online functionality (live traffic, weather, airport info, etc.) works normally, so it is certainly not in the online connectivity …

Has anybody experience in executing the steps as mentioned in:

I am absolutely not a “network expert” and do not dare to perform the last step “DISABLE IPV6 IN WINDOWS 10” .
Can someone indicate whether this will not affect other programs, internet connectivity, etc. on my laptop ???

Hi JosDolmans

When you go to Windows/settings/XBoxNetworking, you can, on the right side check your connection
and it will give links to Microsoft websites how to solve this problem.
Because of your post I tried it and was successful.My PC had two problems,one with NAT type
and one with the server connectivity.Both were solved WITHOUT disabling IPV6 !!
Thank you for your post and the link within,which helped me.


Thanks @ ScottMDA for your reply!

We checked the Xbox gaming settings , and after using the “Fix it” option our NAT type is “Moderate” and server status is “Connected”…
However: unfortunately still no other players visible when relaunching the game…

Has anyone got an idea:

if NAT-type “moderate” should be enough to enable the multiplayer-option?
if not, how to change it in “open” (i often saw this in other discussions about Xbox live-gaming problems, but don’t know how to change is; everytime after the “Fix it” option, it’s on “moderate” on our PC)…


Hi !

Everytime you’ve started the sim,you have to run the “check it” and “fix it” task in the Xbox Networking,
to make the Multiplayers visible again.


A group of us have been flying together for a long time and we can not get multiplayer to work. We use the same server. The results are very unstable. At no time can all the members of our group see all the other members. We have tried all the other combinations possible. There is no problem with group flying using vPilot.

Has anybody figured out how to fix multiplayer?
From reading many messages on this forum it seems it either works right out of the box or it never works no matter what settings are changed.
I can get the other services running without a problem like live traffic and live weather but I was never able to se anyone else in the official events.
Correct server and in-sim settings were applied.

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Hope this helps somebody, after making sure the damned Teredo protocol was working correctly (xbox networking app must say OPEN not moderate next to the NAT type) what finally fixed the issue for me was to go to ->privacy and online safety → xbox one/windows 10 online safety → set join multiplayer games to Allow

After all that, log off from xbox within the sim and log back in.


I know this is an old subject, but I am still having problems. We have discovered my friend cannot see me in multi if I have a “non standard livery”.
Also if we fly “live weather” his plane is much faster and I have trouble catching up. ( we always fly the same aircraft when multi)

This just started happening to me, I can only see existing friends I have already added before on the world map, however when I join them I can not see them or any other online players. All the settings are correct and I’ve even reset all settings to default. I’ve never had any issues like this before and I’m running completely vanilla with nothing at all in my community folder.

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yes, same here, been happening , I think, since last game update ?? No live players can be seen ,sometimes for hours…