Cant see other aircraft?

Latest update i have not seen any other traffic just empty skys is this a bug ?

You know somebody’s gonna ask, so it might as well be me…

Do you have online functions turned on and AI set to Online? Or even Offline AI?

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As tclayton2k mentioned, make sure you have one of the options for live players, all players, ai etc turned on, it’s easy to forget. Some people just turn on bing data and onlline multiplayer in general settings and forget to enable the settings in the screen before you join a session.

The screen you’re looking for

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Hi there,

Sorry i missed that part out yes those are all set to on i am just decending now will screenshot my screen when on the ground if thats ok.

So you’re saying you have set to on and your still seeing no live traffic or players?

My findings thus far.

Turn on nameplates, see tons of nameplates but no planes unless they are camping out at an airport for hours on end. (some AI and an occasional flyer will show up)

Turn off nameplates, see many planes, have no idea if they are people or not.

Ok just checked settings and yes both top ones are on (the the left) live weather obv greyed out as it should be as it runs off the other 2. Just restarted sim and seems to be the same hmmmm

Just checking, Im assuming you have multiplayer turned on in your general settings? just checking to ensure we covered the basics.

Have you tried the “All players” setting and see if that works?. So the grey weather button is active.

You’ll only see the people that use the same settings as you, and you won’t see other people that have ‘offline’ selected. Also, try switching servers then reconnect back again.

yeah all turned on and i am connected to the west usa server and spawned into KSFO and not a single traffic despite live players in main menu been selected

This is what i am set at now ??

Yep, also turn on nameplates and go to KJFK, EHAM or EGLL.

Have done and not seeing anything lol thi is weird

set to on just spawning into KJFK now

Hang on… Am I missing something… Why is your air traffic set to off ( button highlighted white)?

ebcause isnt that for the IRL traffic that i dont like flying with ??? should i leave that off if i dont wanna fly with the real world AI traffic ?

You need one of them on

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thanks all working again.

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