Can't see other people flying

As the title says, for some reason since yestarday i cant see other people flying near me but others can see me without problems.
I have online multiplayer on so i dont know whats going on.

Screenshot from what i see and screenshot of what my friend see

As you can see he can see other players and me without any problems but i can see anyone around :confused:

Retooled live players and tags, should toggle back in. Make sure show tags didn’t get turned off. If on xbox it should work, sometimes oc doesn’t for a bit

You mean turn on aircrafts nameplates? I have already on that option

Can someone help me? Please

I have a similar problem. My status is online. Server response time 36 ms. Generic Plane Models OFF (AI traffic and Multiplayer). I can see only GEN planes. I don’t see any players. Where is the problem?

Do you have a firewall in your router? I used the sim for over a year before I realized my router firewall was blocking multiplayer data. I set my firewall down to medium settings and all of a sudden, I see everyone.