Can't Sync Data

Tried a couple of times to launch the sim and keep getting the message - “We can’t sync your data with the cloud right now” with the option to Play Offline. Anyone else getting this?


Yes. Among other issues that seem to be server related.

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Xbox live api has some hiccups currently.

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Same in UK

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Same in Germany (0850Z)

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I closed the popup and the sim loaded anyway and it appears the online stuff still works - at least the weather is working. Strange

Same in Australia. There’e always a new unexpected twist to this program . . . . . .

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exactly like that also in France

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UK here. Tried using OFFLINE but then it asked me to reinstall the game!

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Seems like the XBox Live-service is down. I can’t login into my XBOX-App on PC and also have the sync-problem with msfs.
When I say “Play offline” there are no ingame settings, like graphics, controllers and so on set and I have to do ist from the beginning.

Same issue here in the UK.

Instead of hitting ‘play offline’ I hit the X in the top right corner of the pop-up in order to close it, then MSFS has loaded as normal.

Just loaded in at an airport and the Live weather is functional, not sure about other multiplayer services though.

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Same issue. I’ve tried just smacking the try again button until the popup goes blank. And when that doesn’t work I just close the popup completely. I’ve just done that and it’s slowly loading up as I type (because that’s why I’m here, to see if anyone else is having the same issues).


Same in Italy.

Seems to be server side. Many people reports the same everywhere.

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Same in Spain.

igual ami España

Same in UK just close the popup without selecting anything

Same here, UK, closing pop up just prompts me to reinstall Australia update, which I’ve already done. Tried a few times now given up. Loading Cities Skylines instead. Experience many CTDs now since December whaeras before game was running pretty reliably, other than the ATC muting issues.

Looks like issues with Xbox services:

Xbox Status | Xbox Support

Same for me too, location Spain. Totally disapointed

Same problem in Bordeaux

Had the same issue in Vancouver Canada. Guess it’s a world wide server issue,