Cant Update, Cant Re-Install?!

Ok so heres the thing… I bought this from steam it was a nightmare to install, slow downloads for install, had to google fixes, finally after trying all of them a couple of times I was able to achieve acceptable download speeds. Great, finally got it installed! I love the sim. Played it for dozens of hours. Now July 27 2021 new update comes out. I get about half of the update installed and it locks up on me. I reboot to continue the update, now Im stuck on checking for updates. I google fixes this latest problem. I try them all several times. None of them work. Now the last resort fix is to re-install the entire MSFS 2020 which I do but am not happy I have to! What do you know after re-installing I am still stuck on the screen with a rhino in it and it says installation manager checking for updates! Cant update! Cant re-install! Im pretty ■■■■■■ off Microsoft?! I have a brand new high end gaming pc with dozens of games and no other problems EXCEPT msfs 2020. How do I fix or how do I get my ■■■■ money back?!

Update if anyone cares…

I deleted the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder from my c:/users/your username/appdata/roaming and at least now it looks like it is re-installing I will update again when finished to see if it worked

It actually worked. I was able to reinstall and I am now using sim again after the flawed July 27th update. It is a drastic fix but at least it worked. Had download entire thing again like 130gb.