Can't use Left Mouse Button inside cockpit anymore

With the most recent update I can no longer click (with my Left Mouse button) anything in the cockpit. Anyone know a fix?

No throttle movement, no buttons or switches… LMB does nothing…

Go to options menu > General Options > accessibility > change cockpit interaction system to legacy.

No need to move from modern to legacy. Mouse defaults to customised on first load after update but loses button allocations. Change to default in control settings then setup again if required. Changing flight model will mess up a lot more.

the hint wasn’t about flight model but cockpit interaction (new setting since su5) …

Thank you!

Advice given had nothing to do with modern vs legacy flight model. Read the post again and you still see it’s about changing the cockpit interaction system between lock and legacy in accessibility settings. I agree legacy flight model setting should basically never be used.

What Zonda is saying here is:
Options>General Options>Flightmodel>Modern
Aerovin has the solution I have marked :white_check_mark:.