Canted displays have a shadow/shading bug

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no dev mode, no changes

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in wide fov, canted displays, we get differing shadows/shading in clouds and trees and terrain in one eye vs the other. This appears as a double vision on such objects.

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using Pimax HMD for VR without use of parralell projection compatability mode (which would sacrifice peformance)

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any VR serup with canted displays

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occurs in either dx11 or dx12

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yes and no. Occurs either way.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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Quick example of this shadow bug… look at tree shadow difference between left and right eyes, looks like shadows are drawn in different directions. Also this only effects contact shadows, turning those on/off engages the effect.

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Animated GIF showing this difference quite well…

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Thank you! Love the community!

this is present in SU9 even… note the tree shadow pointing to the road on left, toward building on right. The left image even has a 2nd building shadow.

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I hope they can fix that… I suppose it’s just like the change in the culling. So we have support for canted displays, but not quite perfection. I do hope they fix this. I thought it was due to non-parallel projection, but found other games have this problem too (Elite Dangerous) that don’t support canted displays. So is it all VR or canted displays causing this? Does it occur in PP mode?

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It’s certainly possible canted projection is exaggerating issues that have existed and making them very apparent. The shadow bug while canted is not always visible and seems like it could be related to sun angle and view heading.

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Something else I’ve seen while canted with a misty cloudy sky…

Left eye… good

Right eye… bad, causes endless ghosting while looking around

I jumped out of the sim and turned off canted and then reload and back to the same spot and none of the ghosting in the right eye…


Another quirk only seen while canted… horizon difference between left and right eyes show a few lines that are different / darker in the right eye.

This can look subtle in a screenshot but in the hmd the inconsistency between eyes can induce nausea and discomfort. Seems to happen with a heading of 0 going west up to a point and then it’s good. A horizon over water shows this well.

Yeah regrettably some situations are completely intolerable with the shadow/shading bug. In particular the Loch Activity demonstrates the problem occurs also with the clouds. I really love using my Large FOV HMD, but for the most part have to switch back to Parallel projection for most uses. This of course shows progress towards full-support of canted displays. Hopefully more attention can be put into this issue over the coming weeks toward official release.

Just popping in to confirm this one as well.

Going to be disappointing if it goes live with these.

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I noted that the shading affects only certain objects, some are correct, others are not. Apparently there’s more than one kind of lighting/shading?

Just wanted to bump this thread as it is continuing despite being out of beta

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Really glad to see that it’s not just me. I thought my eyes were going bad until I looked at the scenes with one eye closed, hope to see this fixed soon since I’m looking forward to the performance increase from having PP off in my Pimax!