Captain sim 777-300ER throttle

Hi, i have thrustmaster tca airbus editon throttle and all is ok, but when i put my throttle reverse it does not in sim.
Pls help.

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So first of all I don’t own the CS 777-300ER but from my experience with other aircrafts I own there are mainly two ways for throttle configuration or in your case the reversers. If the 777 has an EFB look for the settings there. Like this you configure the A32NX or the CRJ from Aerosoft. If there is no EFB at all or no settings in the EFB you have to configure the reverser axis in the MSFS settings. There is an option/key to toggle the reverser axis. Otherwise you could also post this question in the CS forum or create a support ticket at their customer support address.

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captain sim boeing 777-300ER

CS is an often used abbreviation for captain sim. :wink:

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There’s a fault sim side for reverse thrust. As for the captain sim. It needs an update. Its broken, the throttlles become unresponsive after 2hrs flying and outside air temp goes up to +252 degrees lol. Its well broken.

is there will be CS update soon?

Wishful thinking. They don’t seem to really care to be honest about updates at the moment.

Sorry to resurrect this, but did anyone figure out a fix for this? Suddenly, just in the last day, (I was flying ok up until then) when I load the 777 in ready for takeoff, the spoilers are fully extended, the throttle doesn’t work and the flaps don’t work.

Any ideas?


Weird. I can start the plane at the gate without engines running, all controls work as expected (once the engines are up). But if I spawn ready to takeoff, no dice.

I’m thinking it has something to do with plane/instrument configuration. Something is not letting the throttle, flaps and spoilers work.

I got an CS 777-300er update yesterday.