Captain Sim/Salty Mod - 777-200ER Fuel Balance

Anyone have any recommendations on how to balance the fuel in the Captain Sim 777-200… this is with salty mod. Only my left engine is burning fuel… I don’t see a button for balance… just crossfeed.


I know this post is old, from a couple years ago, but I figured I’d chime in in case you’re still looking for an answer. I was having the same issue lately with my plane (777-300ER). Turns out shutting off the center fuel pumps fixed it for me. Not sure if you ever got it sorted back when you asked, but I thought I’d mention what worked in case it helps! Disabling those center tanks did the trick only problem was the message on the eicas. Hope you or anyone else with a similar problem can benefit from my experience too.

Also… only tap into them (center tanks) once the left and right tanks are getting low on fuel. From my experience, it’s best to hold off on switching on the center tanks until the outer left and right ones are almost empty. That way you’re not relying on the center tanks too early on in the flight. Wait until the other tanks have been mostly drained before kicking the middle ones into action. Hopefully delaying use of the center tanks helps avoid any issues like what was described in the original post.