Caravan Copilot's hand sticking through the door

Is it just my sim or has anyone else seen the C208 Caravan copilot’s hand sticking through the door? Sometimes I see her foot beneath the door as well.
Is there a fix for it? Like changing the animation in the userconfig.opt? I see where the copilot is assigned an animation, but I am not sure what options there are. If this has been discussed before, my apologies… I searched but could not find int.

Lastly, has anyone figured out a way to disable or turn off the copilot in the Asobo planes?

Check the aircraft.cfg file, in the [PILOT] section is there a " ; " at the beginnig of a line ?
If yes, delete it and don’t forget to save the file before exit.
Modification has to be made with MSFS not running.
Launch MSFS and check.

Is this to fix the copilot’s hand, or turn the coplilot off?

If there is a " ; " to try do disable the copilot, in fact it have for effect the copilot hand (and legs if the plane is smaller) to get out of the plane.
Look at this video:

I checked the aircraft.cfg file for a PILOT section and there is not a pilot section.

Do you use a modded 208 ?
If yes, look in the aicraft.cfg of the mod and the one in \InstallPackages\Official\OneStore
This section needs to be somewhere (also have a look at another than 208 plane to comfirm)

The only way I found is to change the copilot’s weight to 0.
In MSFS Weight & Balance menu if it’s only from time to time,
or in the flight_model.cfg [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] section to apply it definitely.
Naturally, it will also change the Left/Right weight balance. You see it immediatly in a plane like the C172, it turns to left. I didn’t try with the C208 to see if it’s so much sensible.
But you can compensate it by adding weight for the first right passenger.

I confirmed that my copilot is in the standing position like the video. I am trying to track down the offending “Pilot” Section now.
for the weight set to zero… that does not disable the visual for the copilot does it? I really just want to see the pilot (no copilot).

For the standard ASOBO’s C208, the aircraft.cfg file is in:
[x:]\InstallPackages\Official\OneStore\asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_208B_GRAND_CARAVAN_EX\ folder (for MS Store version, I don’t know for Steam version).

When editing it, you should have:

[VERSION] (1st section)

[GENERAL] (2nd section)

[PILOT] (3rd section)
pilot = “Pilot_Female_Casual”
copilot = “Pilot_Male_Casual”
instructor = “Pilot_Male_Casual”
pilot_default_animation = “Idle1_PosePropeller”
copilot_default_animation = “Idle2_PosePropeller”
pilot_attach_node = “PILOT_0”
copilot_attach_node = “PILOT_1”

And yes changing copilot’s weight to 0 disables the visual.

That was very helpful. I checked the default Asobo c208 and that was where the problem was. Several days ago, I tried setting all of the copilot entries to blank to try to disable the copilot. When it did not work, I put them bac… but I missed one. copilot_default-animation was set to “”. I reentered Idle2_PosePropeller and I am restarting now. I am sure that was it, but I will post when confirmed.

OK fine.
Glad if it helped.

To avoid this kind of problem, the easyest is to add a " ; " at the beginning of the line. You just have to delete it to go back without missing something.
But I’ve learned many tips doing errors. So don’t regret, you’re progressing :wink:

PlumbGlue67, It worked!. I had that terrible feeling you get when you have our sim working so well and then you break it. First Test, the copilot was sitting in the seat (hands and feet inside the cockpit) Then I modified the flight_model.cfg copilot weight to 0 and now the copilot is not visible in the external view. I made that same change in the C208 Mod flight_model.cfg and that worked as well. Now I am a lone pilot. That was what I really after all along. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me through this. I am a happy camper.

It’s nothing, all the pleasure was for me.
And for what it’s worth, when you help it’s always a satisfaction when it works and more when the people give you the results.
Some should think about this…

P.S. Don’t forget to try the new Left/Right balance.
I’m curious about that. Will try it now…

I did not notice significant side to side balance issue in the Caravan without the copilot. Nothing a touch of aileron trim could not compensate for. I think it would be more noticeable in a smaller plane.

I did. But I’m picky and perfectionnist. :thinking:
So I added lbs185 on passenger_04 place.
No visual appeared and the left/right front/rear balance is back close to the original one.

“When I shout ‘zero feet!’”, start running"…

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