Carburetor Icing not simulated at all

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Firstly, if you believe i have posted this issue under the wrong category please do direct me further.

I am using Xbox series X, I have been running all kinds of tests to try and simulate carburetor icing and none of my piston airplanes are simulating it at all, I do however get airframe icing, i have set all kinds of weather scenarios and i have full realism settings enabled (including icing effect on) so I don’t know if it just isn’t simulated in Xbox version or if I’m missing something? Either way I’d like to find out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as a real-world pilot it’s certainly something that needs to be simulated.



try look to Failures and set one if there is. Try then resolve it with Heat set ON, maybe this is logical step how to test this situation. Pls return back with any news discovered.

One aircraft where it’s definitely a problem if you just ignore it is the BN-2 Islander.


It is depended to aircraft type.

No all aircraft have typical Carb Heat system like C1x2 as we see :slight_smile: In other sircrafts it can be in engine de-ice protection system, cowl flaps control, …

I totally agree and I considered this query only with regards to carbureted engines.

But none of my carb engine airplanes simulated this effect which sucks.

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Yeah I’ve definitely gotten it, in the Just Flight PA28s. Remember that the stock 172s are not carbeurated.

There is also some confusion as to where and how you can get carb ice. It can be too cold. You are unlikely to get it below 5c. In fact got and humid are the best conditions for it. Google “carb ice chart”.

Hope I’m not wrong here,

but typical carb heat system was recommended to turn ON prior do app/landings if cold weather and possible freezing is expected. It can be clear to see maybe with RPM changes. This isn’t typical solution within known ice conditions because C1x2 isn’t certified generally to be effective here. I see this as some missunderstanding to fly into known ice conditions and set carb heat ON as solution with aircraft no certified for this. I see simply carb heat as prevention to not step to problem during specific procedure :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone was suggesting carb heat was a FIKI solution. Each aircraft type will specify the use of it if it’s provided. Some aircraft even have a temp gauge specifically to monitor the carb temperature and to aid in the application of carb heat.


I just answering to OP question as is, without his clear info what he’s doing, where he’s flying.

aaaah I forget to say one :slight_smile: my sugestions and steps are like in chess, more steps forward to actual :smiley:

Hi there! Speaking of the stock C172s not being carburated (only fuel injected), would anyone know if there’s older C172 models w/ carb heat being sold anywhere as add-ons to MSFS2020? Thank you kindly!

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MSFS’s C152 has Carb Heat …

Watch this Taylair Youtube Video –

“Everything you wanted to know about Carb Heat, but were afraid to ask”

(Highly recommend Taylair GA Aviation YouTube Videos )