Carenad P34 Seneca some other issues

  1. there is no audiable stall warning, Is this how it suppose to be.?
  2. the numerical showing the engine parameters, is completely way of when adjusted to show the endurance, all other settings show correct values it seems to.

I would like to add the following:

  1. ADF displays garbled numbers after switching frequency
  2. The TIT gauges show slightly too high temperatures

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Guys, it’s better to post your stuff to Carenado Zendesk, they’re unlikely to see your comments here.

Zendesk is not public. This forum is. For everybody to know. which is definitly better.

Have it your way. Just don’t get disappointed if nothing happens to fix your issues.


The typical carenado release-bugs. I always wonder how they can make the same mistakes on every release.
However, post your bugs at the right place, the carenado-support. This here wont help you or the devs at all.

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Hello all,

today I gave it try and bought this my favorite and from my beginings bird (more than 2000hr on best model to FSX from FSD Devs guys) and I must say it’s good. I love that steam gauge system that Crenado implemented, this is my favorite also MENU change parameters of Garmin. AP functionality is standard and is ok to me. 2 findings what is not as I want have with this model:

  1. with landing and taxi I see maybe more sensitivity on rudder generally, also after landing it feels like paper aircarft with weight.
  2. that MENU Garmin change possibility of parameters is perfect and love them, unfortunately I want set no ETE (time to destination) but to next defined fix/nav/airport ETA. Worse here, it doesn’t count, it’s freezed but ETE counts correctly.

I’m satisfied with Carenado V version and maybe hope for Saratoga 32TC II to be released soon :wink:

Your second point - I am not sure I understand everything you are trying to say, but are you running the excellent GNS530 mod from PMS50? If not, you really should. It improves the Garmin functionality in the 530 so much.


thnx for advice :slight_smile: I mean, there is possibility change parameters of Garmin’s screen where you can change DTK, ETE, DIS to other parameters, is enough click MENU and change what you want. Shame that ETA is freezed…