Carenado Cessna 337H Skymaster II - The Essentials to Fly

This video was a 24 hour turnaround from downloading in the Marketplace to uploading to YouTube! Enjoy!


Fantastic video of one of the best DLC airplanes. :slight_smile:

But in my early flight lessons many many years ago I have learned that the red beacon (and sometimes also the white flashing strobe light) is switched on before starting the engines. The red beacon is a warning light for ground personal that the airplane will be started now.
No one seems to do this anymore these days, but some people say “clear prop”.

Wow after so many months without graphics card I have already forgotten how good this sim looks like when flying over nature!


Thanks for watching and commenting! I would have yelled “clear prop” but I didn’t include voice over in this video. Yes, absolutely correct about the red beacon - lets people know something is about to happen! Carenado are the best for real looking textures. Glad you are liked the video. Please do consider subscribing to the channel. Much appreciated! Thanks and blue skies!

I lot of the newer aircraft produced today don’t have a red beacon Is likely why.

I learned to never operate the strobe lights until airborne, and turn them off once established on final prior to landing at night.

The beacon (rotating red) is always the first switch for me, even before the master. If the aircraft has no beacon, I turn on the nav lights.

Also, even in broad daylight, I turn on the taxi lights before releasing the parking brake. That lets people know you’re about to move, even if they’re deaf. :slight_smile:


Great advice!

What a great Video ! I really like that you highlight the buttons etc you are pressing or what dial you are looking at. Am lot of videos say "press buttons A…B…C but you don’t know where to look or they say “set you manifold pressure to. XYZ” but you don’t know which dial they are talking about.

Very well done.

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Thanks very much for the comments! I will be sure to highlight the buttons or switches in future review videos. The channel took a bit of a boost when I uploaded the review. Please do consider a subscription. Cheers!