Carenado Mooney Heading Bug and CRS spinning after update

Anyone else with the Mooney has this issue? Started after the latest update. IF so, as this is 3rd Party market place content who do we report it to ??

Carenado, cause unfortunately, it’s on them to fix the aircraft now.

LOL … this seems to be an ongoing thing… Asobo release a patch, then you have to hassle your third party vendors to fix what Asobo broke :smiley:

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Going to add another issue to the bug report as well. Plane is now swaying side to side when AP is enabled, even if NAV HDG ALT etc are turned off.

I can only get the heading bug to spin if I click on the yoke. Which is pretty funny. The yoke no longer disappears but toggles the spin on and off.

I don’t know how to get CRS to spin though.

how is your AP functioning? also, I get oscillations with the VS now that I didn’t get pre-patch.

I clicked on the spinning CRS knob and got a CTD. My very first CTD … hahahah

Ah, so you’re one of the blessed!
Given that bit of info, I tried clicking on the heading bug while it was spinning and sure enough, my first CTD ever too! Yay?

do you have the working title G1000 mod in your community folder? I had it and removed it, and then when I restarted the game the spinning had stopped, but now I can only increment the HDG or CRS by 10 degrees. I have removed the carenado folder and I am now reinstalling it. I will put back the working-title mod and see what happens next. :smiley:

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Thanks for testing this. If it’s the case, the WT guys should know…

Yes I do. I was going to troubleshoot after work so thanks for saving me the trouble :slight_smile:

The 10 degree movement is the normal scroll wheel behaviour but are you saying the single mouse click on the knob to increment/decrement by one degree no longer works? I use that pretty frequently.

I use a Logitech panel so I use that most of the time but I still use the mouse on occasion in the cockpit.

@Yuudai5178 that didn’t work either… so I am no longer getting the spinning HDG bug, but I still get the spinning CRS bug. The spinning CRS bug seems to occur when you input a 7 into the transponder code. I have nothing in my community folder. So as long as I get given a transponder code that does not have a 7 I don’t get the issue. … weird! Anyway, I have a case open with Carenado and I am updating it with all my testing.

So far:

  • 10degree increment and HDG bug seems to disappear when you reinstall the carenado from the market place.
  • The spinning CRS bug seems to occur only when you hit the 7 button on the transponder. I am going to see if inputting the transponder code with the Logitech MultiPanel makes a difference. Even though the transponder in the Carenado Mooney is not linked to the SIM, so you can just ignore that anyway.

I have no mods installed, so I am about to undertake another flight and see if I am still getting the swaying and VS oscillations.

That is just hilarious.

AT: Squawk 1547.
Pilot: Unable, cannot squawk codes with a 7 in them!

yea… i know. so I dont touch the transponder and just acknowledge the squawk, VS oscillations and swaying on AP are still there

I like that Carenado is forced now to release a patch.
It will be interesting to see how many of the other bugs we reported in the last weeks on Carenado Zendesk for the Mooney they will solve with the now needed patch.
If they only fix the patch5-related issues, we dont need to open any more tickets there,
as this will show that they dont care to fix&refine the product, but just will keep it in a usable state after MSFS patches.


The CONTROL button on the left clock will also cause the spin, if in ET mode.

Same for me. First CTD ever.
I certainly hope that Carenado is taking this as a opportunity to improve their community reputation. In particular the Mooney have been well received. Also the fact that they haven’t already followed up with the Seminole but, I hope, are working hard to make that a solid plane as well.

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Yeah, it is just an fantastic aircraft to fly. I really like it. when I win lotto it will be one I’d look at if I can find one in excellent condition. But, I’d really like six seats. Sigh.

With respect, you have no reasonable basis for making that argument. As a professional developer there have been numerous times in my career that I’ve been working on adding features or fixing problems when a show-stopper appeared that required a hotfix.

In this case, you have two options: you can integrate everything that you’ve been doing along with the fix, or you can just issue a fix to the old version and make sure the new version has it built in. Whatever you end up doing is going to need testing, and the extent of that testing is going to depend on the number of changes in the build.

If the need is a quick hotfix to fix a major problem like a CTD, then putting ongoing changes aside and releasing an interim patch that you can have high confidence in because there was only one change is absolutely a valid and responsible decision to make.

I don’t know what sort of workflow Carenado use – they may integrate changes into the mainline one at a time, or do it in batches. If there are incremental changes that have been merged in and both feature and regression tested already, with production test suites updated to match, then you may see some bugs fixed, if not all of them.

Or, if they truly isolate dev work and only release from their dev branches when they’re ready, you may just get a hotfix for the crash. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not doing anything else. Source control systems make it really easy to do two things at once like that.