Carenado Mooney tank switch doesn't work

After the big update, the tank switch doesn’t work on the Ovation. Any idea when that will be fixed, or if there is a work around? Thanks!

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Carenado announced all of their planes except for the Waco and the Cessna 170 need patches to fix stuff after SU5.

Since Carenado only releases their planes on the marketplace, and the marketplace seems to have a long lag time before updates submitted by developers actually make their way to users, even if Carenado had everything fixed now it would probably be a couple weeks before the patch actually becomes available unfortunately.

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Thanks! I appreciate the response.

You may notice you cannot adjust frq on com 2 or nav 2…at least I cannot.

Here´s a workaround: 1) select “unlimited fuel” on the options menu; 2) start your flight, click on the yoke, and then select “ready to taxi” on the pad.

Not perfect, but got me flying my Mooney today. Only to be at 8,000ft with 30 degrees celsius OAT.

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Were you practicing “turns about a point” in Death Valley? :wink:

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That’s a good idea. Yeah, I was “flying” to Oshkosh and temperatures went from 4C to 43C in an instant, several times. You’d think there would be storms when something like that happens… Maybe some wind shear mixed in? Seriously though, you’d think they would have fix it by now…

Not a viable option for FSEconomy.

Can you move fuel from tank to tank via the MSFS payload menu? Not realistic but better than nothing until fixed.

That might work. I believe it only checks fuel at the beginning and the end.

Doesn’t work in the Piper Arrow either, GNS430 also unusable.

Actually, I was practing a pretty nice arrival.

Some months ago I watched one episode of “Mayday air crash investigation” in which a plane crashed while approaching RCKW, in Taiwan, at night. Two times that I´ve I tried the same approach, I´ve crashed… And yesterday I finally made it!!

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Any updates on these issues from Carenado? Their products are pretty much unusable in this state.