Carenado Mooney VR mouse

Anybody running any of the Carenado planes in VR? I bought the Mooney over the weekend and found that when flying in VR, the mouse cursor is in 2 different positions, one in my left eye, one in my right eye. In order to interact I have to close my right eye and only look with my left.

Annoying. Not sure if there is a hack/fix for this? It’s a similar (but much worse experience than) what’s been described with some of the AP buttons on the King Air.

Yes, it’s a well-noted issue that I hope is high on Carenado’s list of fixes.

Most of the planes are off on the left eye right eye deal, not sure what that stems from? This is not an issue with mouse control in other VR titles.

I don’t get it

Happens on the default King Air too

But other planes are perfect?

Leads me to believe it’s something in the plane model vs the core VR