Carenado PA44 Seminole version 1.4.0

Just re-installed Flight Sim from scratch, which necessitated the (re)installation of payware aircraft. I noticed on this installation that the PA44 Seminole is at version 1.4.0. Can’t find any official announcement about an update, but if you’ve been having issues since SU3 you may want to check what version you have installed…

Happy Landings!

Hi, there was an update to it just recently. :slight_smile:

Interesting…I just reinstalled the PA44 as it was crashing the sim after the last update…regretfully, still is doing it…have sent Carenado a note…no reply as yet. I’ll give them a few days.

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The update was at the end of February so a little over 2 weeks ago. I remember the update wouldn’t install for me and actually made the plane disappear from the aircraft selection even though it still showed as installed in the content manager. I deleted it in the official community folder and reinstalled it through the marketplace. Seems to be working fine. I just took it out for a fly to see if I was having CTD issues like you were but I am not. Sorry yours is causing you a problem. Hope you can get it straightened out. :slight_smile: - Lauren

Thanks for reply…heard from Carenado…they have passed the buck back to MS…looks like I’m in for a game of tennis😳


LOL!!! Here’s hoping your serve is an ace! :wink:

Just discovered the same thing on my end with all the Carenado aircraft. Decided to uninstall and re-install all of them hoping for a fix. In doing so I discovered that there’s a bug in the content manager where it doesn’t actually delete the empty file folder within the MSFS official folder. It still showed them as “installed and up to date” but I’d click on it and would say 0mb. Luckily found a post in another forum where someone discovered you have to go and delete the file folder of that specific aircraft from your “official” MSFS file folder. Once I did that and loaded the sim back up I was able to go back to the market place and download them back to the content manager as normal. Unfortunately still CTD when I tried the M20. I than went and tried the other 3rd party aircraft not made by Carenado just to be sure they weren’t all causing CTD and they loaded up just fine(tried both the Ultralite and trainer jet with no problems). The funny thing is, once I concluded the other developers aircraft were working I made one last ditch effort with the Carenado M20 and IT WORKED! Called it a night right there though cause it was late. About to try it again. Fingers crossed!

EDIT: Not sure what caused it to work on my last attempt last night but it’s CTD again.
EDIT 2: I was also dealing with an issue where it would CTD anytime I went back to the lobby and loaded a 2nd flight. There’s a post about it from yesterday and we both reported it to Zendesk. Someone discovered that it’s an issue with the AI traffic. I just gave that a try and it seemed to have fixed both issues . All the Carenado aircraft are working again! Try disabling AI traffic if you haven’t already!

I have just bitten the bullet and deleted the whole shooting match…in the process of reinstalling MSFS again now. At least I wasn’t the only person to have this challenge.

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Good luck and god speed my friend! I almost did the same yesterday and still might if I run into more issues. I disabled my AI traffic after a tip and found that the Carenado add ons are no longer causing CTD. Give it a try if you’re still having issues after the re-install.

Thanks for tip…Ill give it a go…still long way to go to complete install :smirk:
Like watching a kettle boil…

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Well tipped NJ…worked after turning off AI traffic…I’m now a happy Vegemite :smile:


Awesome! I’m so glad I could help. Happy flying!

hey guys, got the same issue and i lost my pa44 :rage: how to re install.
on content manager i see pa44 and when i click update i show delete and i did delete and i can still see the pic of pa44 but can not install it again.
help please
thank you

you have to delete the carenado folder from the flight simulator folder. then you can re-download your piper from the marketplace!
Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore
delete dir “carenado-aircraft-pa44-seminole”

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Good day all, I have a problem with this aircraft wondering if anyone knows what I can do about it, I started to DL the latest update for it & it didn’t complete, now even though the sim says it’s installed I don’t have it on my AC list to choose from

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You’ll need to manually delete the \Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore\carenado-aircraft-pa44-seminole folder. Then you should be able to go back into the sim and download the plane again.