Carenado Seminole flight_model cfg file

Anybody know if there is a flight_model config file or equivalent for Carenado’s PA44? I’ve looked through the files and don’t see anything related to aerodynamics. I’d like to dampen the pitch response in the Flight Tuning section if possible.

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Sadly this plane has DRM security and the config files are encrypted in the 3 x .fsarchive files. This means no tweaking I believe.

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That is sad. I’ve always liked Carenado’s planes for FSX, but always had to make adjustments in the Flight Tuning section because they are just too twitchy for me. Kinda makes me cautious about future purchases.
Thanks for the info!


Unfortunately, I can see why developers like Carenado, choose to lock up those .cfg files so they cannot (easily) be modified.

It’s not so much that they want to Stop MODS, but if they allow users to mess with those files, and then the user reports “Issues” with the plane, then is almost impossible to support the product, in any reasonable and cost effective way.


Actually I think it is more to do with secure purchase and locking the plane to people that download torrents. With DRM the planes are locked to freeloaders! Having said this I wish they could DRM alternative files and let us have access to the config files to tweak them. The community has always been able to do this since 2004 and the developers have always adapted often times incorporating the brilliance of modders in subsequent updates!

yes, lock the Models & textures – they are the expensive things to develop.

But the .cfg files . Not so unique IP.

So only MAJOR reason to stop people being able to change them, is a Tech Support reason

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So in fairness to Carenado, after dialing back my Joystick y-axis “sensitivity” settings and the “reactivity” setting(a lot), the Seminole handles much better. Elevator input feels right to me now without bobbing up and down.


I’ve found them to be by far the most smooth handling planes to date. I fly the Mooney a lot, and the C182 quite a bit as well. IMHO, they have a far better handling than any of the stock planes.

That said, I haven’t flown the Seminole yet. I did buy it since it was on sale, but haven’t taken it up for a test flight yet. I think I’m going to have to try to do that right now.

Wow. Just did my first flight in the Seminole, and I think it’s pretty awesome. Did a VFR flight up to 4500 ft, travelled a few towns over to another airport and landed there. Can’t believe I greased a landing on my first try not only with the new plane, but I just got a Honeycomb Alpha today and I’m still getting used to it.

I would say it handles like a dream. No sign of twitchiness that I could discern. The archaic autopilot is a bit of a pain, but otherwise, that plane is awesome.

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Agree, it does fly quite well. My only issue was with the elevator. Usually just after takeoff, during climb, any movement of the elevator would cause the nose to bob up and down. I’m using an older MS Force Feedback joystick, which could be the problem. Anyway, much better after adjusting the sensitivity settings. Still miss having the ability to make tweaks in the “flight tuning” section of the config. file.

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