Carenado Sevenca V - can the de-ice heating element black frame be removed?

Flying it as I type and I find it rather useful to be honest.

I did long ago. They said they would pass the message to their programmers. An update has come out since I sent the message. I was sad to see they didn’t take this suggestion :sob:


I wonder if this is one of those things that’s more annoying playing on a monitor than in VR - I fly in VR only now, and have never thought the de-icier thing was a hindrance. The giant engine nacelles on the other hand… (I do actually like the Seneca, and should really try to fly it more than I do. But there are better planes for sightseeing.)

the problem is that on a flat screen, you dont have a choice to fully see it.
IRL your eyes would focus farther and you would not probably notice it

Like the Halo in F1 cars
When you look some incars footage, or play the game, you have the pillar right in your face, but IRL drivers are not bothered by it

Can understand why some would want to have the frame removed