Carenado Sevenca V - can the de-ice heating element black frame be removed?

With the Carendo sale and all the good reviews of the Seneca V, I bought it. It’s a nice plane and all but I fly mostly VFR flights and it’s totally unsuitable for that. Those 2 big engines make looking out the side windows difficult so you can only really look out the front windshield. BUT then they put this big black frame right in your eyesight! So instead of this becoming one of my favorite aircraft, it’s my nemesis. Carenado should have given us the ability to uninstall it. I believe it’a an after-market solution so it should be removable.

Anyway (rant over), has anybody figured out a way to hide the de-icing system’s black frame? I figure there’s some texture or some other method to make that thiing translucent.

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I wish someone would come to our rescue and remove that atrocity. I don’t really care how realistic it is I’m playing a video game or playing a simulation I’m sick of staring at that stupid thing.
Someone please mod this out the first person who does it I will give you $20 and that’s my word!


It´s a magnificent piece of technology able to defy the most harsh winter conditions. In a week or two you want a deicer of the exact same type and design screwed on the windshield of your car.

Here is the beauty in it´s full glory, ready to be mounted:

The longer you stare onto it the more you will like it on your Seneca.

If you repeat this a thousand times it will become a lot easier to enjoy the view through the deicer.


Maybe someone can create a mod to make the engines invisible as well so we can look out the window unimpeded? Since realistic airplanes are no longer needed…

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I found the aircraft folder and in here are some textures.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Official\Steam\carenado-aircraft-pa34-senecav\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_PA34_Seneca_V\TEXTURE.BASE

I opened these 3 “DDS” files in Gimp, deleted their contents, and saved them back (after making backup copies of course). This deletes the glass in the black frame but it doesn’t get rid of the frame. Anybody know where those files are?


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I have to ask… Why not just purchase a plane that doesn’t have these problems for your GA sightseeing flights?

Carenado had a sale a few months ago. I have the Mooney which I like a lot so when the sale happened I figured I’d try another Carenado plane. I liked the look of the Seneca and it had better specs than the Seminole so I bought it. I didn’t realize about the de-ice frame until I flew it. Funny but this aircraft has become one of my favorites. It’s a beautiful plane but for this 1 defect. If I can get rid of de-ice frame this will be my favorite GA aircraft. So I’m not looking to purchase another. I’d rather this one was perfect. I don’t want to change the engines. I like them but because they’re so big you can only look out the front window so that de-ice frame must go.

The frame is almost certainly part of the 3D model itself. Not just a file you can tweak.

Yes, I agree. But there’s textures on the model so the frame must have a texture and can be changed. I’m just not savy enough to figure out which texture to change. The glass textures are in separate files as I showed above but the frame texture is part of a larger texture file so it’s too complicated. I don’t know how people make liveries for the aircraft. Have you ever looked at a livery file. Wow, That would take too much time for me to learn so I haven’t gone there yet.

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Removing the texture would just make the frame an untextured probably gray shape that would still occupy just as much of your field or view but look even uglier. Have you ever seen what an untextured 3d model looks like?

Don’t ever buy the Beech Staggerwing, if you can’t stand that deice frame the struts inside the Staggerwing cockpit would make you suicidal.

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I was thinking “translucent” color. Those side windows in the GA aircraft have translucent frames so that’s my hope to have something like those. And thanks for the tip on the Staggerwing. I’ll definitely avoid that. This black frame gives me enough stress.

If you use the Seneca for a few hours, the panel will either blend into the background or given that it is useful on finals, you could think of it as the poor man’s HUD.

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Or you look at it and think “wow this is so cool I have a defrost function, many other planes like all smaller Cessnas cannot fly anymore in this cold weather!”

And it´s not a visual graphics but an airplane technology feature which means the longer you look at it the more you will like it :wink:

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this thread is funny - thanks to all who made it so

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It bothered me (just a little) until I watched a YouTube of a real Seneca and it does not bother me in the slightest any longer because that is exactly what it looks like in real life. Now it would bother me if it weren’t there.


That´s the spirit! :wink:
That´s why I absolutely despise visual glitches graphics errors visual bugs, these break the immersion - but not something that looks exactly like the real thing.

Yeah, when this plane was released I looked at two photos and instantly realised I would never use it at all and never bought it, as I only fly from cockpit perspective.

What can I say, great visibility from the cockpit is a huge factor for me.
There are numerous aircraft I don’t use or have not bought because of that alone.

these two pictures made the decision easy not to buy it

Get the wonderful free WT CJ4. It has a fully heated transparent windscreen! I bit faster than a twin-prop but no de-icer and wing engines to mess up your view.

Agreed. I watched several reviews before buying and everybody raved about this aircraft but not one of them mentioned that monstrosity isn’t removable.

Plus, I don’t care if it’s like a real aircraft. How real is it that these aircraft have a built in iPad where you can modify factors of the aircraft with the touch of a button. Or there’s other settings like unlimited fuel or no collisions. Settings are for the pilot to use as they see fit. This should be another setting so it can be removed if the pilot wishes.

Maybe Carenado will add a feature into the flyPad to remove this de-icing device if you ask them nicely :wink: