Carenado Waco WYMF5 available now

Well, it looks like the next aircraft off the line for Carenado is the WYMF5.

Personally, I think it’s a smart choice. MSFS doesn’t yet have a vintage aircraft avaliable, and the simple systems should mean it’s less likely to be broken by a future MSFS update.

After the C182, M20R, PA44 and now the WYMF5, it seem Carenado’s plan is to slowly update older FSX/P3D models to MSFS. I don’t disagree with this strategy, as hopefully it means a greater range of aircraft available sooner. I just hope they don’t try and gouge the community by attempting to sell $40 aircraft that are just upgrades to older models. (3D modeling & animations carryover to MSFS relatively easily, so it becomes mainly about re-coding the gauges to MSFS, flight model tweaking & adding PBR textures.)

Given the FSX/P3D model is available for $19.95 (have a look here), It’ll be interesting to see how they price this. There’s been a lot of talk of the larger MSFS market promoting lower prices and still generating higher total revenue.

Only time will tell I guess.


The MSFS flight model doesn’t even support biplanes (the Pitts in the stock sim is “faked” with only 1 wing in the actual flight model).

Not sure I see the point in buying addon aircraft that don’t even have basic aspects of the aircraft properly modeled.


Interesting, I didn’t know that.

Would it be correct to assume that was not the case in previous FS/P3D versions? Do they have support for multiple wings?

No. Neither FSX nor P3D simulate multiple wings.

Even worse, contrary to MSFS they only simulate a single wing, not even a left and right one.

I don’t know in which way someone would notice this missing ‘basic aspect’ in a flight model.


I’m SO Happy !!! Absolutely love this Aircraft. You’ve made my Day !

ps. Just noticed the observation’s regarding the Wing’s.
I suppose we’ll be Flying on one Wing and Praying that ASOBO get’s the Flight Model sorted asap !

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It’s definitely a beautiful aircraft, and perfect for sightseeing in MSFS, But I’m a Stearman man at heart, so I live in hope for a new PT-17.

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Personally it’s not an aircraft I have any interest in at all, but good news for those who do.

That said, I do share your concerns about just porting existing FSX models over to MSFS. (I’m trying to force myself to use that term in lieu of FS2020…). I think they would see better results from building them from scratch, though it will likely take longer. But I’m a realism nut, and pretty visuals are great, but I care way more about flight and systems fidelity, and 100% functionality of cockpit systems. Even if that’s just a switch that “turns on” the air conditioning.

Although setting up a bluetooth connection to my AC at home and turning on a fan to make it blow in my face when I do that would be damm impressive, indeed!

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I’m not usually too keen on this era of flight but this looks interesting enough for me to grab and hopefully it opens the door for them to bring their GeeBee to the sim. Just wish Carenado sold their MSFS stuff outside of the MP.

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I’d be more interested if it wasn’t a vintage-look exterior with modern instrumentation, but that’s not Carenado/Alabeo’s fault, it’s how the plane really is. I would like to see some truly classic planes with custom gauges and period cockpits at some point, one with out the gratuitous Garmin shoved in somewhere.


Getting rid of the Garmin and changing the textures of the instruments and panel should be doable.

Would have preferred an old Stearman Kaydet, Tiger Moth or FW-44 Stieglitz though. But the Waco is a fine addition too


Golden Age Simulations is currently working on a Kinner Sportwing, and will be bringing his other models to MSFS as he gains more experience. So I’m psyched about that for the vintage era.

I’d love to see his Stearman and Ryan PT-22 brought to the game… The Ryan would be great for flying around for me :slight_smile:

Regarding the single wing vs biplane config questions, Asobo did just add canard modeling to the plate, at it’s limit, does this have any application to biplane wing modeling? Does single plane/biplane modeling even matter?

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:laughing: :laughing:

Open Cockpit radial is cool… and has some modern amenities so that you could tour in it. What I am interested in is how they will capture that ambience of being in the element. Sound is going to be critical.

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Would be great if Ant brought his Tiger Moth to the game!


And a TrackIR so you can look out over the edge :slight_smile:

Gonna need @KevyKevTPA’s fan to really bring on the realism!
(How do I get that around my 55" monitor though :thinking:)



If you mean the in-sim store, I actually prefer that to buying it elsewhere. It becomes a one stop shop so I don’t have to go searching all over the internet to recover things I bought but may have lost due to a hard drive failing, reinstalling the software, or even windows itself, or for whatever reason. It would suck to have bought something that I either forgot where to find, or the company who made it is out of business, or I lost my receipts, etc., etc.

Ditto just for upgrades, I would prefer not to have to continually search everywhere online just to find upgrades/fixes. Which is another reason I really like the idea of some of the top-tier open source stuff being available from the store as well. Granted, they have to be picky and choosy about who they allow to use it, and it can’t be just some guy who spent an hour and a half half-■■■ improving a few buildings on an airport somewhere, doing a poor job at that, and then walked away, but having a one-stop shop is easier for lots of reasons.

Please note that I am in NO way slamming open source addon makers, to the contrary I love those folks, and they bring SO much to the community, but like all things, quality does vary. There are many high quality, conscientious designers, but not all of them are that way, so MS/Asobo has to be cautious who they allow in, because it can also reflect on them.

VR baby! Reverb G2s on their way here, hopefully in time for the release of official VR support on the 22nd!

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I knew I could count on you! :grin:

55" is one big-a$$ monitor, though. Almost too big, especially if you’re viewing it from typical monitor viewing distances of 24" or so. I think I’d want at least 4K, maybe even 8K, not because I want those resolutions (I’m perfectly happy with 1440, not to mention the prices associated with what I’m suggesting), but because it would almost have to be that to get a reasonable field of view. I wouldn’t want what I have now, just bigger.

Oh, yeah, this is 4K, about the size of a real cockpit at this size. It’s LG 55UN7300, $379 at Costco

I love the extra space I have for working on stuff, and the flying is awesome

I will admit it’s a little hard for me to read what icon it is in the top left corner, it’s a bit far away.