Carenardo Piper P-44 constantly CTD after SU5


I´m unable to do a flight with the P-44 the plane constantly CTD after around 5-10 minutes after engine start.

I´ve tried it at 8 different Airports/Airfields,always with the same result.
The sim runs with a clean community folder.

Anyone else with the same issue?

Carenado announced the day of SU5 all of their planes before the Waco and Cessna 170 would need a patch.

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I Log 45 mins with is last night and no Issues.
Could you have one of those better view things in community folder or a repaint that coursed it ?

Nope. I put all my mods outside the community folder for this reason in order to run a clean Sim. I did 2 more testflights this morning and the plane still keeps crashing.

Found another possible bug: The Garmin KX 165 is not useable. It has no clickspots.

Can somebody confirm this?

Get rid no need

“Get rid” is no solution. I have pay for the plane and I want it to work with all of it´s features.

Hopefully an update will get pushed, either this Thursday or next week, with any luck.

I already filled a critical bug report at Carenado´s Zen desk this morning. Let´s hope they can react quickly.