Cargo jets

Im really new at this game and only have used the cesna from the training sessions and basic free roaming…

If I want to grab a cargo jet and role play cargo delivery (with no 3rd party stuff) how do I obtain one?

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I’m not sure what you mean by this, but the only cargo planes currently offered are 3rd party aircraft. Otherwise, there is certainly no need for anything like FSEconomy. All you have to do is start a flight in any cargo aircraft of your choice, and load up the cargo sections as heavy as you like in the fuel and weight page.

I sometimes do something a little similar, but with an air taxi scenario. For instance, I might meet someone in my Port Au Prince hotel lobby that just has to get to the Sunset Bar tonight because of some party that’s happening. I tell them if they pay me for the ride and also pay my cover charge, I’ll make sure they don’t miss a minute!

Thanks for your reply and information

Can you direct me to that 3rd party site for their aircraft?

What I meant by 3rd party was those mission generator programs. I tried one and that worked really well for the initial flight then it wouldnt open, and besides I can RP without any help, just as you shared, but i do need an appropriate style plane.
Helicopters for bush work too :slight_smile:

The Marketplace is a good place to start. I’m not aware of any pure jet cargo planes at this point, but there are a few prop-driven models. The Emb-110 from NextGen Simulations is pretty nice, but a bit pricey for what you get. There’s also a cargo version included with the PMDG DC-6. You can also search through the aircraft addons at to get several freeware options.

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You can pick up plenty of liveries on as well as community created freeware aircraft.
I’m sure somebody has done a DHL livery for the stock Asobo airbus. (and probably more)

There was a livery megapack out there at some point but since SU5 it may no longer be compatible with the sim.
(Asobo made some changes to how LOD works to for SU5/Xbox launch and it impacts liveries quite a lot)

I appreciate your help, will look into that and thanks again

On, if you look under liveries for the B747-8, you’ll find a lot of good repaints of 747 cargo operators from around the world.


Ah nice, thank you