Cargo Pod Of The Cessna Grand Caravan As An Extra Option

Hi there , I’m Akın

We want to ask you some questions and we want something that need to be fixed as a community. Hope you guys help us . On the other hand we love what you are doing and we really appreciated for all things u did so far.

I’m going to get in the topic as quick as possible. We don’t want the cargo pod of Cessna Grand Caravan as a default , it would be so cool if we can add it when we want to. Because In real life , its something that comes extra . Not every grand caravan has it. also there is no way we can remove it from there . We would be so happy if you guys can bring it as a extra like something we add to plane after we choosed it.

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“we don’t want”?

You don’t speak for me :wink:


we are a community that loves flying in Microsoft flight sim and everyone that i asked wanted me to crate a topic about it . thats why i said we don’t want , please read all of it and you will understand what we really want to explain to you :slight_smile: best regards.

I sure want it.

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Yeah I don’t want to ask for a pod-less Caravan because I do like the cargo pod. I’d like it to be an option I can remove. The Caravan is one of my favorite aircraft in FS2020 in it’s current configuration even.

I’d also like a Caravan on floats, also optional.

This might be a community content thing. Although I would like an Asobo Caravan with those options, not some half baked community knockoff that has some weird different interior, handles strangely, and is just not as good. I don’t need study level, but equivalent to the current Caravan at minimum.


please read all of it , we didn’t say remove it we said could you add it as extra

fixed the tittle thanks for the reply !

I would like to be able to remove the cargo pod BUT I would also like to remove the seats and have some real CARGO in the cabin when I am being a cargo transport. Also, why not have some people in those seats? Even your co-pilot is invisible when you look over at him/her while in the cockpit view. This of course applies to all the the models.


That would be fine, like the Kodiak has
My additional wish is same system depth for the G10000 Version as you have inside the analog Caravan.

One thing to note for anyone modeling this, when you get rid of the cargo pod, TKS also goes away and if I recall correctly from training, more VGs are added so there would be some additional model changes. To have TKS and no cargo pod, the C208B has to have this “belly” fairing to house the TKS reservoir - see below

I like the Nod-Pod version from Parorng, With the batch, you can modify it with /without Co-pilot. But it uses still the Mixture lever and not the Condition lever. I hope an update will come.