Caribbean water effects

In the “Around the world” episode 6 video, at the 1:23 mark, they fly over the Tobago Cays, in the Grenadines, and the water is shallow with a sandy bottom between and around the cays so you can see underwater details and the water is a lovely turquoise colour. I have been there and this is remarkably accurate.

However, when I fly over them on a sunny day, at around midday, when there should be few reflections, with 4K Ultra settings, the water around the cays appears to be much deeper. There are no underwater details and the water colour is a deep blue.

Does anyone know why this is and if anything can be done to reproduce the experience of the video? It is not that what I see is bad. It is just not as good as the video’s.

You can’t

They use a different version for marketing videos.
Nice, isn’t it?


Thanks for the information. I hope these sorts of details from their internal version reach us one day.

They should. There are areas with proper water masking already… but it sounds like they have to do it a bit by hand to show the sim where water meets land, but that certain textures are below. So they cannot automate it like much of the rest of the world.

Kerama Airport in Southern Japan has great coral views after takeoff… and the Northern tip of New Zealand (find the lighthouse marker) also has some amazing water masking while you wait. Many, many other places too.

Worst case, I expect we will get more with world updates. Best case, they will be added with regular updates intermittently.