Caribou reverst pitch

I find that the reverse pitch, set thru decrease throttle, does not seem very effective.
Is there something else I should be doing or are others finding this?

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Depends on your controller for the following to work, I have a Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight Yoke.

Locate the assignment functions for Throttle X Decrease and Throttle X Cut – the X will be equal to the engine number on the aircraft.

Set your throttle levers to the 0 position – just above the final click/detent position.

When you find Throttle X Cut, click inside the assignment box to reveal the assignment editor.

Then, click the START SCANNING box, and when prompted, move the throttle lever into the detent zone and then back to 0 again. A button number will appear. Set the Action Type to ON RELEASE, and then click VALIDATE.

Thanks for the reply. I have the Honeycomb quadrant and yoke. Sounds similar, will have a go.

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How did you go with this mate? I purchased the Caribou and had mixed results when trying to set it up. It works on other aircraft so not sure if it;s the way the aircraft is set up or not.

Sorry. I dedn’t get back to you, apologies I didn’t work for me.
I noticed that there is reverse pitch when I pull the throttles past the detent. I think that the setting in the aircraft config might need to be increased , so that might be the way to go. Not being to familiar with the config it may take a while to sort it out.
Thanks for the follow up, much appreciated

Doesn’t work for me either, others have stated similar issues

I think it might be in the values of the acft config file