Cars are moving sideways on some secondary roads and climb mountains on tunnels

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This is a minor issue but it´s still a bug. I have seen this during beta and mainly on world updates regions, not in generic areas, so I presume this is related to the world updates themselves. Cars are moving sideways on some secondary roads and streets instead of following the road direction, as in the example of Vigo port. In case the road has curves they still point to the original direction they had when they were spawned.

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The cars in the game soar from heaven to earth

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Is that screenshot taken in Tokyo? Who knows, they could just be doing some drifting at that moment. :rofl:


I was thinking the exact same thing, “Is this in Japan by chance?” lol!

There´s another issue related to cars and roads in beta: when there´s a tunnel the cars follow the whole terrain mesh (they climb the mountain). This happens worldwide. As an example this is the north of Spain (42.967841, -5.836137). The area has several tunnels. I recently saw the same thing in the north of Genoa in Italy. That area has several tunnels as well.

I updated title to reflect the two issues.


I had a closer look at road traffic due to odd ghosting that has crept in to the game and found nearly ever vehicle was in fact two merged together.

Yes, I also saw that. The whole road traffic needs a review. Many times you find some trucks also moving backwards instead of following the current traffic. Traffic does not follow bridges either and go ground level instead, but I think that was also like that prior to beta. I don´t remember to have seen the other issues before beta so those are new I would say.


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You are right. It’s a mess. It’s an afterthought at this point.

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Sadly, this isn’t new. This has been since day 1.

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Noticed cars driving across the water off the south tip of Manhattan as well.

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since SU10 the road traffic goes crazy moving sideways as if the vehicles lost their orientation and parking lots are occasionally seething with large trucks all over. such a mess !

how is the situation in SU11 beta, btw ?

I’ve been having this issue on two specific roads near my airport on SU10, and they’re working normally on SU11 beta ( Seems this might have been fixed.

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Being not on the beta myself, feel elated to hear that they swiftly fixed the issue in SU11.

seems like solved with the latest SU.

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Yes, the don´t move sideways maybe but now they can fly! This is the new Bitexco tower helipad. Cars climb all the way up to the helipad :rofl:


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Fixed in Sim Update 12.