đź“ŚCaught Between A Rock And A Hard Place - Gunpilot's Challenging Flights

Welcome to the 178th flight event with Gunpilot and a whole bunch of other like-minded sim pilots. If you have just discovered these flight events for the first time, welcome aboard and you will be made to feel very much at home with the rest of the pilots on the flight.

The only request we make is that you arrive on the tarmac in the aircraft designated for the flight, and you join in the banter on the supplied COMMS RADIO which can be found in Gunpilot’s Discord server (click on this link to take you directly to Gunpilot’s server GUNPILOT’s Server ).

This weeks flight details:

In the misty dawn of an Oregon morning, a daring group of aviators gathered around their trusty Cubs, engines sputtering with anticipation. Low-lying fog clung to the valleys like a shroud, testing their nerves as they prepared to navigate the rugged backcountry. With a northwesterly wind already howling through the treetops, it seemed Mother Nature was determined to test their mettle from the outset. Undeterred, they checked their maps and instruments one last time, the thrill of challenge sparking in their eyes.

As they ascended into the dense fog, the aviators found themselves in a world where visibility dropped to mere yards, forcing them to rely on instinct and their finely honed piloting skills. The Cub aircraft, agile and nimble, weaved through the valleys and over the peaks, the wind buffeting them like an invisible foe. Each turn and descent brought exhilaration and trepidation in equal measure, the thrill of flying so close to the earth tempered by the constant vigilance needed to avoid disaster. Caught between a rock and a hard place more than once, they navigated, mere metres at times, above rivers and trees with an ever constant strong wind that continually endeavored to toss them aside like autumn leaves.

Challenges emerged with each mile conquered: low lying fog that forced them to plunge perilously close to the treetops, narrow rivers that tested their maneuverability to its limits, and the relentless northwesterly wind that seemed determined to push them off course. But with grit and determination, they pressed on, their camaraderie and shared passion for adventure binding them together through the madness of the skies. Along the route, the Flight title “Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place” became self-evident as they faced decisions that could make or break their journey, where split-second choices meant the difference between triumph and defeat. Yet with every challenge overcome, the thrill of the flight and the breathtaking beauty of Oregon’s wild landscapes reminded them why they embarked on such daring escapades in the first place.

The aircraft for this flight is the GOT GRAVEL CARBON CUB

This version of the Cub could be likened to a Volkswagen Beetle with a Ferrari engine under the hood!

If you already have this fantastic and fun to fly aircraft in your sim - good!
If not, click on this link and a free copy of this aircraft can be obtained. Grab it from here and just load into your Community folder and it will appear in your aircraft selection menu in the sim.

*Again, a packaged up WEATHER file has been developed and included along with the flight plan, negating any need for anyone to dial in weather settings, as well as ensuring that all pilots are experiencing exactly the same weather conditions. The Weather Preset file is located in #gunpilots-events (click this link GUNPILOT’s Server ) to be taken there. Extract file into your Community Folder prior to launching your sim for the flight.

When: Friday 05th July 2024 @ 2300UTC**

Where: Oregon, USA

Flight Duration: Approximately 2.5hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Got Gravel Carbon Cub


Discord Server: GUNPILOT’s Server . Click on this link and you will be sent a very welcoming INVITE that will enable you to fully participate in the radio chatter with all the other pilots in the flight

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Comms Radio
(GUNPILOT’s Server ). If you are going to fly with us, ensure to join into the chatter on Comms Radio. If you don’t then you will miss out on a number of challenges that are given over the radio and you will have no idea what is going down.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place.pln (11.8 KB)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place.lnmpln (7.8 KB)

You can also download from the official site here: