Caught in update loop

Disable your Anti Virus. Worked for me it may for you.

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Thanks Sling, but that didn’t work either, now I did only disable it for ten minutes, could be I would have to disable it for an hour or so, but since I am also using my computer for my work I am quite hesitant to do that.

Cheers, Marc

If you’re on the Steam version, go to C:\Users\$USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam and delete any files ending in .part (and then .001, .003, .004, etc if that doesn’t help). Getting rid of the .part and .numbers files fixed the decompression issue I had during the update (stuck decompressing Zurich for 3 hours).

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MS version unfortunately, I am about to give it up, let’s see if someone comes up with a brilliant solution. The flight simulator update progress has always been giving issues, but this update is even worse.

Same information, instead go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official

Delete the incomplete and compressed files, not folders.

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Hi I need help, I updated the new update for msfs to 29 gb, but it still remains 2 gb and when it is installed for frx. 40% will return to 1% and go again

That seems to have done the trick!!! Many thanks sparky, much obliged :grinning:

Cheers, Marc

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Sparky’s tip works, that got me over the loop. For me inside content manager, there are several updates. The very top one kept crashing CTD’s for me. So I skipped it, and installed all the others, some are dependent on others so it’s a hunt an peck type of deal. Additionally, since had that issue, at admin command prompt, I ran SFC /Scannow and then when finished CHKDSK /F/R. When complete, restarted PC and everything went fine in CM. Who knows.

Remember, when doing a MSFS update, all the time is not dedicated just to one big downloaded file.
Files are downloaded, often as split compressed files, which then have to be extracted, and installed, before the next files are downloaded. If you have a slow Drive etc etc, more time could be spent processing the files, that in actually downloading them,

After waiting 6 weeks for an update, is an extra Hour or two really going to make that much difference ??

Except for me, it’s been two days now. I started the download the first ten minutes of it being released, have had to uninstall the entire sim due to failed update, and now none of the reattempts have worked at all. None of these tips work, either. I left the update on all night the first night and it didn’t do anything beyond the first 2%, then the entire next day at work, came home to the same 2%. Again, overnight, woke up to the sim not even running somehow, then again at work and the sim once again had crashed and didn’t update at all. At this point I might have to wait another six weeks for the next update and hope that fixes it. Oh, and the download speed isn’t an issue because when it is downloading it is 150Mb/s. It is stuck perpetually on the decompressing stage.

I’ve been downloading for two days. I have one file left. microsoft-airport-Iszh-zurich-0.9.2fspackage.002. I never care at all about airports (Also, I do not understand who would).

I’ve downloaded this same file, that I don’t even want, fifty times now. I play this game to help with stressandanxietyaa90sd8

I finally got past the loop!
Here is how it happened. After following all the tips on this thread with no success, including deleting the files and part files and a full uninstall and reinstall. I was about to give up. Then I noticed something unexpected. Each time I hit the loop, I quit the install and restarted it. Then I stopped deleting the part files in the base folder and each time it restarted it stated a different download size on the update banner.
Even though it always stalled on the same file, when it was reloaded, the file size was definitely changing. This led me to believe that although it was always stalling in what appeared to be the same place some progress was being made with each attempt . So I decided not to delete the part files in the folder. but simply to quit the program every time it started to loop and eventually it passed the sticking point and carried on with the download until it was complete. I don’t quite know why this worked as I was sure it was failing at the same point on each attempt but it seems this is not the case. I can only recommend that those still having problems do the same as I did and quit the sim and do not delete any files and check the download size in the banner on each restart. hopefully you will have the same result as I did.

Set bandwidth to unlimited before updating.

My download just dropped back to 0% again and so I gave this a chance. Download restarted and the file size is back to 0 kb. Shrug. I’m down to the final file, which is 1.22 gb. I’ll download it again for the hundredth time and then again all night. What a great use of my bandwidth.

This should not have to be part of the procedure. Also, simply closing isn’t enough for me. I have to open task manager and manually quit the application after. I’ve never had such problems with the updates and have always been in the “didn’t happen to me :man_shrugging:” camp. If I believed in karma, this must be it.

And set the resolution to 720p Windowed 50% scaling. My RX 580 runs at 89C 100% usage during the updater if I don’t do that. Doing that lowers it to 59C with intermittent spikes of 100% usage.

I’ve read in forum posts that the updater uses the GPU to decompress files. If that’s actually the case then running a GPU right at its thermal limit for hours on end could produce corrupted decompressed data. My logic here is simply “If our games have visual glitches due to GPU thermal issues, wouldn’t the same glitches be true for any data going across a hot GPU?”.

Hello Sling380,

Thanks, Your suggestion was working on my download once I turned the AVG anti virus off…
100% solution!

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I also had numerous download loops when trying to update to SU7, and when it finally updated, the sim seemed to be very unstable.

This weekend, I ended up deleting MSFS, and did a 100% fresh Install, that completed without Incident, and MSFS is now a lot more stable when it runs.

This is not the 1st time (for me) , that a full re-install has been more successful (and faster ! ) when updating MSFS’s previous versions in 2021.

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It’s a solution amongst many. It certainly will not solve everyone’s issues but I’m glad it helped someone at least. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the Re-Install set your Data Bandwidth Limit to unlimited by default.